Living room in glamour style – how to decorate it?

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Living room in glamour style – how to decorate it?

Do you like elegant and tasteful interiors? Are you planning to decorate your living room in glamour style? Great. But what does it actually mean? What colors and accessories work best? See some valuable tips.

What does glamour style mean?

The concept of glamour mainly consists of glitz, glamour, chic and charm. The style draws handfuls from earlier eras, especially the Baroque. It is often considered to be more feminine, but you certainly cannot deny it coziness.

Initially popular with Hollywood stars of the 1930s, the style was later adopted not only by red-carpet dancers but also by wealthy villa owners throughout the United States

Currently, anyone can decide on this way of decorating a home. In glamour style form is more important than functionality. The first feeling after entering such a room should be luxury

What does the glamour style interior look like?

Colors used in the glamour style

A combination of the most basic colors, i.e. black and white, is often used. Subtle beiges and browns will also find themselves in such a convention. They will not overwhelm the interior, but emphasize its sophistication. Bestseller grey will also match other chic elements.

If you belong to brave people and are not afraid of original solutions, you can bet on a strong and distinctive wall. It will be a decoration in itself. For this purpose, you can use navy blue, maroon and dark green shades.

Another idea is to place decorative wallpaper with silver or gold patterns or textile wallpaper imitating suede . We guarantee that your guests will not be able to take their eyes off it.

Furniture in glamour style

It’s time for furnishings. Furniture can be powerful and expressive. Their fronts but also countertops, floor and tiles should shine. Choose shades of gold and silver or high-gloss lacquered textures. Mirrored fronts may also prove to be an ideal concept. Ultimately, the idea is to have textures that reflect the light coming into the room. Glamour also likes all recliners, chaise lounges and quilted sofas and pouffes. You can also choose a dressing table, glass tables and consoles

Glamour accessories

Glamour is all about the details. They have to be sophisticated. Is there anything more luxurious than a crystal chandelier? It will be a great dot over the i

The materials used are important. It is worth that they are of high quality. All velvets, satins, velvets and silks work well. With their help you will introduce some cosiness and family atmosphere. Choose curtains, rugs, throws and cushions for your living room. They can be plain or with subtle patterns. Their colors should be compatible with the rest of the room. Silver thread stitching will be welcome.

Play with the rest of the accessories as you wish. Do you like crystal vases and ornaments made of pearls, but they have never fit into your home? Now that will change – these types of decorations will be unbeatable here. If you find in the store or in grandma’s attic gold-plated candlesticks or chrome platters, you can confidently place them in your interior.

Furniture knobs and their legs can also become decorative. Every detail is important here. Just be careful not to overdo it, when decorating an interior in glamour style there is a fine line between kitsch and good taste.

Property in the discussed aesthetics is often associated with large spaces. This does not have to be true at all. Shiny elements that reflect sunlight and artificial light optically enlarge the size of the premises. This feeling can be intensified by hanging mirrors. Their frames can also be grand and elaborate.

Living room connected with an annex

If your living room is combined with the kitchen, then make sure that their styles are consistent. You can choose countertops made of marble, granite or the increasingly popular conglomerate. As with the guest room, the furniture should be high-gloss lacquered, and when choosing faucets, you can go wild and choose the most ornate ones

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