Country style home decoration

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Country style home decoration

The smell of wood, natural fabrics, herbs – all this is associated with an idyllic, rural atmosphere, which can be transferred to the house, thanks to accessories in a rustic style.

Rustic interior

Rustic interior is associated with idyllic, peaceful life in the countryside. Furniture is often one-of-a-kind handicrafts with delicate decorations. Rustic interior is like country life – simple and natural.

Rustic interiors are dominated by white, green and natural shades of brown. Walls in such interior are usually white, creating an interesting contrast with dark furniture. On the walls in rustic inter iors you can find wood or stone, and the floor is made of boards or aged tiles.

Recently, it has become very fashionable to combine “raw interiors” with natural craftsmanship inspired by country style. Country style decorations are a great complement to modern spaces, for example: oak floor will be a perfect complement to “raw” concrete walls – creating a beautiful and unique interior.


Furniture that refers to nature should also be made of wood. Furniture in a rustic style can also refer to rural life, for example: garden furniture, the elements of which are created from wagon wheels.

Wooden furniture should be aged, with visible knots. They must also be solid, durable and functional. All furniture in this style have to be as natural as possible, painted with clear varnish or whitewashed. In this way, they will perfectly reflect the country style.

Accessories in a rustic style

Rustic style is also called rural or peculiar – such interiors are filled with “warmth” and are associated with happiness at home. You do not have to go out of town or visit grandma to feel the rustic atmosphere of the interior – just a few accessories and the room takes on a country atmosphere.


One of the additives that change the interior are fabrics. Thanks to them you can carry out an easy and quick metamorphosis of the interior. In the rustic style, the fabrics should be in neutral colors (beige, gray, ecru, brown). The fabrics can be enriched with, for example: floral print, check or other patterns. Floral patterns on fabrics perfectly fit the rustic style and are very fashionable

The magic of lace

A special kind of fabrics in rustic interiors are traditional Polish laces, which thanks to their delicacy perfectly harmonize with other fabrics, giving the interior a traditional Polish – rural character. When decorating the interior with fabrics, it is worth to combine materials from the same color palette, but in different patterns e.g.: flowers and checks.

If you do not have experience in combining different colors or you are afraid of mixing colors, then you can be inspired by 3-4 colors that are taken from the folk tradition, e.g.: red, green and blue, which will be broken by neutral and fashionable colors: white, ecru and brown. Fabrics in these colors will go well with curtains and napkins with lace pattern. Traditional lace curtain valances will work perfectly in the kitchen, giving lightness to the interior.

Simplicity of decoration

Country style means simple decorations made of clay, metal or string. Old clay dishes, such as plates or jugs, are an interesting accent in the kitchen. In other interiors, “objects with soul” will be perfect, e.g. an old cuckoo clock, an oil lamp, or a sewing machine.

Plants in the country style

You can’t miss cut and potted flowers when decorating your home in a country style. Rattan or clay pots are the perfect complement to such an interior. Potted plants that will work best in country style are:

  • ferns,
  • cyclamen,
  • begonias.

In country style elements of equipment do not have to match each other perfectly. It is important that they create an idyllic, country atmosphere.

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