Modern classic – get to know this style

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Modern classic – get to know this style

Classics combined with modernity is for many a perfect combination. It often happens that we like traditional solutions, but we are aware that they are already a little passé. 

With the original style of modern classic we can have a timeless beauty combined with a touch of freshness. What exactly is this style and what distinguishes it?

Modern classic – what is all the fuss about?

Modern classic is the perfect combination of classic and modern. You no longer have to choose between tradition and trends. This style provides a breath of fresh air in elegant arrangements, without the impression of incompatibility of new elements. It is a respect for long-established solutions combined with a touch of design extravagance and madness.

Modern classics have been present for some time now and they are loved by both architects and individual homeowners. The combination of functional, practical solutions, harmony, design, symmetry and timelessness with novelty, minimalism, freshness, new materials and solutions satisfies almost everyone. At first glance, it may seem that getting this idea in practice is trivially easy, as it is enough to insert a few pieces of furniture, traditional in form, into a modern interior and voilả! Nothing could be further from the truth. Here are some tips on how to get a beautiful and functional interior in modern classic style without any clutter.

Elements of modern classic style


When decorating the interior in the spirit of modern classic, almost a key issue is the choice of furniture. The best here are those with a classic design, made of wood, which gives the arrangement an undisputed elegance. An important aspect here is purity of form and harmony. Characteristic elements of decor will also be all kinds of sideboards, display cases, chests of drawers or libraries with simple shapes, although clearly outlined contours while being conservative and reserved in colors.

Subdued colors

Classics for a long time feels best in the environment of soft tones. In modern classic style also dominate whites, beiges, écru, creams or blurred grays. These shades create a safe base, on which we can create a truly beautiful interior. It is on their background that expressive details in the shade of raspberry, emerald green, cobalt, maroon, but also black will look sensational. 


In selection of fabrics the quality is the most important thing. Modern classics are materials pleasant to the touch, often with a delicate sheen, such as velvet or velvet, but also wool or leather. Other materials, which can certainly be found in this type of realizations, are wood, glass or stone. That is why we can often find a wooden parquet or marble on the floor, and at the finishing stage nobody will be surprised by crystal chandeliers or silk curtains.


Modern classics love contrasts, so you cannot forget about them. For example if you choose a minimalist table made of glass, you can complement it with chairs of traditional form or vice versa – place light and modern chairs next to classic and solid wooden tables.


This is the principle guiding the interiors in this style. It is a sophisticated combination of geometry and simplicity with classical ornamentation. Combining straight lines and angles with roundings will be great fun.

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