What for the walls above the countertop in the kitchen? TOP 5 ideas

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What for the walls above the countertop in the kitchen? TOP 5 ideas

Glass, brick, blackboard paint, tiles, mosaic – these are the most popular solutions for developing the space between lower and upper kitchen cabinets. Each of them can be adjusted to your individual requirements.

Kitchen arrangement requires a good plan. It is necessary here to combine practicality with aesthetics. Both play a large role. We choose the color of cabinets and fronts, appliances (built-in or not), countertop (stone, wood, composite) and there is still an important space between the lower and upper kitchen. According to your own preferences and the overall interior, you can opt for a distinctive shade, pattern, theme or something completely neutral.

Also important is the question of what solution will work in this place. It is known that the wall above the countertop is constantly exposed to dirt (including greasy), high temperature and moisture. We present the most popular ideas for its finishing, so that it not only looks spectacular, but is also easy to clean and care for, and will remain with us for many years.


Glass panels as an element of the wall above the countertop are a very common choice primarily because they are available in almost any color, pattern and size and shape, and there is no problem with removing dirt from them. Glass is also universal – it will fit into any interior.

Under the glass you can see the texture of the wall, or a solid color, multicolored or photo wallpaper with any motif. The finish can be either high gloss or matte. Moreover, choosing a given leading color, it is worth to keep other accents in a similar shade, such as a cloth, placemats on the table, a kettle or a breadbox.

Decorative glass will also look beautiful illuminated by an LED strip. This is also a very convenient solution when you don’t want to turn on the overhead light.


Natural stone is quite demanding and requires proper care, impregnation and varnishing. Many people then decide on tiles imitating brick or decorative stone. Then the problem of keeping it clean is eliminated and their thickness does not take additional, often valuable, centimetres of the surface.

Most often the brick wall above the countertop is in white color. Especially in modern, Scandinavian and rustic kitchens. It is certain that having such a decoration, you do not have to worry that it will go out of fashion one day. Brick elements in interiors are timeless.

Blackboard paint

Deciding to paint the walls with paint, you need to remember to choose only those specifically designed for the kitchen. Such products are then resistant to moisture and abrasion. An interesting solution, which also looks very elegant, is the use of blackboard paint. It goes with everything (especially with industrial interiors) and at the same time you can scrub it without any damage.

By the way, it should be mentioned that the blackboard allows you to create any inscriptions and drawings . It can be a place to write down menus, recipes, shopping lists or things to do or notes for the household. In addition, it is such a small piece of black that there is no fear of visually reducing the room.


Still one of the most traditional and popular solutions forfinishing the wall above the countertop are ceramic tiles. Here there is a combination of aesthetics, practicality, durability and ease of cleaning. Although small format tiles used to be the most common, nowadays larger ones are more popular.

Tiles can be smooth, structured, with different patterns – it all depends on our preferences. Additionally, we can choose contrasting grout and various decors. Tiles can also imitate wood, already mentioned brick or other stone such as marble or concrete. There are also many ways of arranging them. Tiles give really big arrangement possibilities.


Mosaic is nothing but small elements (usually from 1 to 5 centimeters), which do not have to be glued individually, but are sold in the form of sheets. They can also be cut to any size. Mosaic creates a unique effect – checkerboard, braid, hexagons, spirals, fish scales. It can be made of ceramic, glass, and even wood or stone – in one color or many. It is worth using it in your space.

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