How to arrange a wall with windows?

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How to arrange a wall with windows?

With a successful arrangement, a wall with a window can create a representative, aesthetic space. Wondering how to arrange it to get a satisfactory effect? Here are some hints.

The wall, on which there are windows, can be quite problematic to arrange in some rooms. Depending on the location of the windows, we can try different solutions. The simplest way to decorate a wall with windows is to place paintings, flowers or decorative curtains and drapes across the width of the wall. However, let’s look at other ideas for arranging this space.

Window wall in the kitchen – arrangement

In the case of a kitchen of small size, the wall with a window can be used to create a neat place to eat meals. We will not serve here a Christmas dinner for the whole family, but such a handy space will be perfect for a quick breakfast, snack or lunch. One solution to arrange it is to extend the kitchen counter and leave an empty space underneath for high chairs or stools. If the layout of the kitchen does not allow it, we can simply install a separate countertop on the windowsill as a table, which will enter the window space

This place will be perfectly decorated hanging decorative lamps – a favorable solution for such a mini-stadium is to place them just above the “table”. We can also opt for a decorative roller blind in the window, which will add charm to the space.

In a slightly larger kitchen, having a few windows, we may be tempted by an American style design, i.e. sink placed under the window. Alternatively – cabinets hung on the wall between the windows. This is a way to make good use of space and get additional room to work in the kitchen. On the windowsill of such a window there may be fresh herbs or decorative ceramics.

Desk on the wall with a window

Placing a desk on a wall with a window can be a perfect solution. The view of open space while studying or working will have a good influence on us, and at the same time we will use the space of the room effectively. Again, there is a possibility to build a spacious desk above the window sill, thanks to which we can save some space in the interior and not lose the comfort of using such a desk. In turn, on the wall around the window, we can install shelves or cabinets, which will contain the things needed for work.

Library on the wall with a window

Another way to use the space around the window is to cover the whole wall with bookshelves and create in this way an impressive, spacious home library. The shelves can start from the floor and reach all the way to the ceiling. In this way we can use all available space. This solution looks great not only in the study, but also in an elegant living room.

Seat under the window

This is another idea taken from an American movie – a soft seat under the window instead of a windowsill is an exceptionally charming solution for the development of space by the window. Used in the kitchen it can become a place to eat meals. In the living room – as an element of rest, and in any other room – simply as a comfortable and pleasant place where we can sit with a book or a good coffee and relax for a while. Of course, there should be a variety of decorative pillows and additional lighting in the form of wall lamps or decorative hanging lamps.

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