Decorative pillows for a sunny bedroom

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Decorative pillows for a sunny bedroom

Decorative pillows are charming and practical elements of interior design. You can buy them in different sizes, shapes and colors. Why should you have decorative pillows in your bedroom?

5 reasons to have decorative pillows in your bedroom

1. They serve as a comfortable support

Decorative cushions give you comfort when you’re resting. You can rest on your bed while watching TV or reading a book. Many women at the beginning of pregnancy put a pillow under their belly to make them feel more comfortable while resting.

2. They make the interior cozy

A minimalist bedroom interior can be livened up with cushions. A few decorative pillows on the bed can make any bedroom feel even cosier. If you’re looking for a sunny bedroom, you’ll love the idea of some “hairy” cushions in neutral colors.

3. As a complement

Decorative pillows complement your bedroom decor. In a sunny bedroom it is advisable to use contrasting pillows, which will give elegance to the interior. All accessories in the bedroom should create a harmonious range of colors. For a sunny bedroom use satin pillows in different shades of gray or beige.

4. Create a festive atmosphere

The American style of decorating homes for the holidays is becoming more and more popular. With Christmas pillows you can give your bedroom a holiday atmosphere straight from American movies.

5. As a fulfillment of childhood dreams

Most little girls dream of having lots of colorful pillows on their bed, making them feel like princesses

What should you consider when choosing pillows for your bedroom?

This question seems to be very trivial. After all, it is enough to buy pillows, put them on the bed and ready. But the effect is not always satisfactory. What should I consider when choosing pillows for my bedroom?


When choosing pillows for your bedroom, you should be guided by the size of the bed on which the pillows will be placed. If you have a really big bed in your bedroom you can get decorative pillows even in XXL size – 60 x 60 or 70 x 70 cm. If you have a big bed, you might like to have a lot of cushions in the size 40×40 cm.


Square decorative pillows are the most common. Nowadays you can find pillows in various interesting shapes, such as cylindrical, round and rectangular. If the pillow is to have other functions besides decorative then:

  • square – will be great for supporting the whole back in a semi-reclined position,
  • rectangular – perfect for supporting the lowest parts of the spine,
  • cylindrical – perfect for supporting the lumbar.

The effect achieved

Simple and elegant look of the bed will give a few small (40×40 cm) square pillows. You can create an Art Déco effect by combining pillows of different shapes and sizes. You can also create an Art Déco effect by combining pillows of different shapes and sizes.

How do I arrange my pillows on the bed?

There are countless different arrangements of pillows on a bed. Some of the most popular include:

  • symmetry – is the most common arrangement of pillows in the home. It is usually 2 pillows on each side of the bed,
  • asymmetry – an arrangement of 4 pillows on one side and 2 pillows on the other side. This arrangement of pillows is great for modern bedrooms,
  • odd symmetry – this arrangement of pillows is popular in the west. Usually this arrangement consists of 2 larger pillows on both sides and one smaller pillow in the middle,
  • odd asymmetrical – this arrangement works well in modern, minimalist interiors. This arrangement consists of 3 pillows on one side and 2 on the other, for smaller beds it is advisable to put pillows only on one side,
  • artistic disorder – usually several pillows are arranged in an artistic disorder

Whichever arrangement you choose, remember to place large pillows on the outside and smaller pillows on the inside.

Colors and patterns of decorative pillows

Choosing the right pattern and color of pillows for your bedroom is quite difficult. For a sunny room, it is advisable to choose pillows that will give elegance to the room. The perfect choice of decorative pillows are neutral colors such as white, gray, brown and gold.

Possible combinations of decorative pillows

  • 1 plain + one with pattern,
  • 1 with small pattern + 1 with large pattern,
  • different patterns in the same color,

If your sunroom already has a lot of other patterns, such as wallpaper, curtains or carpet, in this situation it is advisable to choose plain pillows.

Choosing decorative pillows for a sunny bedroom is not difficult. The pattern and color of the cushions should be matched with the other accessories in your bedroom.

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