In Alladin’s kingdom – what are the types and properties of carpets?

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In Alladin’s kingdom – what are the types and properties of carpets?

The carpet wonderfully decorates the interior, introduces to it a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. It provides warmth and comfort at the highest level, it is soft and comfortable. It offers additional thermal and acoustic insulation. Carpets are available in different colors, patterns and sizes. They are made of various materials. Check how to choose the right model.

Jute carpet

Let’s start with jute, which consists of woven, dried plant fibers, such as flax and hemp. Such a carpet looks great in a modern, artistic interior. It wonderfully complements natural and neutral color schemes. Jute comes in earthy tones and works well with bright, bold colors and patterns

If you’re looking for a natural accent, a jute rug is sure to appeal to you. It has a rustic, organic feel to it. Importantly, a jute rug is very hardwearing. So it will work great in high traffic areas or homes with pets

In most cases, it only needs vacuuming. Some manufacturers combine jute with chenille to create a soft rug that is ideal for a child’s room

Remember not to lay a jute rug in a humid environment. Otherwise, it can quickly become moldy. Don’t clean it with a steam cleaner. Do not use stain removers or carpet conditioners.

Wool carpet

The durability and strength of natural fiber with a luxurious look make it the best option for those on a budget. A wool rug is versatile and pleasing to the touch. Little or no chemicals are used in the production of pure wool rugs, so they are recommended for allergy sufferers. The fibers are great at hiding dirt because they don’t reflect light, and at the same time they are flame retardant.

Unfortunately wool carpets absorb and retain moisture, thus they show high susceptibility to mould growth. Additionally, they can easily discolor. For these reasons, wool requires regular cleaning. Despite these limitations, the proposed rugs are very popular. They are known for their excellent soundproofing and thermal insulation properties

Polyester carpet

Polyester carpets come in intense colors, thanks to which they will emphasize the unique character of the interior. What is important, you can clean them easily. They show high resistance to water. Therefore, you can safely lay them in places exposed to the appearance of moisture. They remain hard and inflexible even when wet

Polyester carpets consist of closed-cell fibres that protect against stain adhesion. They come in a variety of colors, shades and patterns so you can match them to your expectations. In addition, they are attractively priced and will not strain your budget

Although polyester carpet is famous for its high stain resistance, it is not very durable. It also loses its intense color over time. Despite modern manufacturing methods, it still lags behind nylon-based rugs.

Nylon carpets

The proposed carpets are known for their high durability, cleverly hiding dirt and stains. They show high resistance to damage and wear, so you can put them under heavy furniture. They come in a wide range of vibrant colors, so it’s easy to match them to your room. High moisture retention carpet is resistant to abrasion and mildew, while absorbing vibration well. It eliminates dynamic stresses immediately.

Unfortunately, nylon is not a breathable, airy material. As a result, a nylon rug can be too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter. Additionally, the color fades with regular cleaning.

Pile length

Ashort pile rug is easy to clean and durable. It shows high stain resistance, so it can withstand heavy traffic without losing its original appearance. A medium pile rug, on the other hand, provides a balance between practicality and comfort. The proposed carpet is pleasant to the touch, but can still withstand moderate foot traffic

Finally, look out for a plush, fluffy carpet with long pile. It provides exceptional comfort underfoot, but it collects dust and dirt more easily, thus requiring more frequent maintenance. In addition, long-pile carpets are more likely to be crushed. However, they bring warmth and luxury to your home, while also effectively dampening noise.

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