Provençal style kitchen – see the most beautiful inspirations!

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Provençal style kitchen – see the most beautiful inspirations!

Kitchen in Provence style can be created regardless of the size. What are the characteristics of this French style? See the most beautiful kitchens in this style.

Brief characteristics of Provencal style

Provence style is associated with idyll and warmth of the magical region of France. It is dominated by lavender fields and green hills bathed in sunlight. Provencal interior style has three characteristic elements:

  • closeness to nature – kitchens in this style are dominated by large floral motifs and natural materials such as wood, stone, plants,
  • objects with soul – this style is mainly “aged” furniture, which looks as if it was bitten by the tooth of time,
  • bright warm colors – dominated by white, which is complemented by pastel colors.

A sunny room will be perfect for a Provençal style kitchen. Do not worry if you have a small kitchen – all you need is a good design and frugality in furniture and accessories, so as not to overwhelm the room. If you can not decorate the entire kitchen in this style, then it is worth introducing additions that will give an idyllic atmosphere.

Furniture in a Provencal kitchen

Provence-style kitchen is wooden furniture in the color of light beige, white and a pastel shade of blue. Modern cabinets should be slightly aged and rubbed. An old glass cupboard and hanging cabinets (display cases) with glass windows look beautiful in such a kitchen – they optically enlarge the kitchen. Bright cabinetry in a sunny kitchen is quintessentially Provence style.

In the center of the kitchen must be a bright, slightly aged table. Above the table there is a romantic chandelier with crystals. At the table will work well:

  • wooden benches,
  • chairs in shabby chic style,
  • classic and modern chairs.

Decorations from the past

In the kitchen in French style will be perfect accessories from decades past, such as brass kitchen faucets, retro ovens or aged tiles. On the windowsill in a Provençal kitchen reign herbs, ie:

  • rosemary,
  • basil,
  • thyme,
  • sage,
  • mint,
  • marjoram.

These herbs look beautiful and are a great addition to dishes. In the window should hang classic curtains and drapes made of natural materials, including linen, silk, tulle and cotton.

An old clock and decorative plates will look beautiful on the walls in a Provençal kitchen.

Colors in a Provencal kitchen

Delicate colors dominate in a Provencal style kitchen:

  • pigeon grey,
  • light cream,
  • bleached blue.

In this style, textured paints, which have a fine-grained texture, will work well – a great alternative to decorative plaster. Patterns on the wall can be done with:

  • textured rollers,
  • brushes,
  • combs,
  • spatulas.

In the kitchen in the Provençal style will be ideal wallpaper, which is placed on one of the walls. The dominant color of the wallpaper should also be on other walls.

Small kitchen in Provence style

Many people think that decorating a small kitchen in the style of Provence is impossible. You can arrange a small kitchen in this style, only some concessions will be necessary. A table with chairs will not fit in a small kitchen. It is worth giving a French character through glazed fronts in kitchen cabinets and additional lighting. Such a kitchen will gain in functionality thanks to double-row development. Naturally, the furniture should be white or cream in color – this will optically enlarge the interior

Provencal style looks best in spacious interiors. A small kitchen in the style of Provence looks very charming.

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