Small bathroom and clever decorating. How to optically enlarge it?

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Small bathroom and clever decorating. How to optically enlarge it?

The furnishing of a small bathroom is very problematic for many people. With the help of various tricks you can optically enlarge it. What tricks to use so that the bathroom does not lose its functionality?

13 ways to optically enlarge your bathroom

1. Choose bright colors

Properly selected color can optically enlarge the interior. In a small space will work best colors such as:

  • white,
  • grey,
  • blue,
  • light pink,
  • pastel light green.

For bright colors of tiles, it is worth to choose furniture in a similar color scheme. Monochromatism optically enlarges a small interior.

2. Tiles with gloss

Shiny wall tiles are one of the most fashionable trends, which optically enlarges a room.

3. Large tiles

Contrary to popular opinion, large tiles optically enlarge space. In a small bathroom it is worth to decide on large, glossy tiles without patterns. Thanks to this, the interior of a small bathroom can be visually enlarged even by a few centimeters. If the bathroom is to be widened, large tiles should be laid horizontally. If the bathroom is to be optically enlarged in height, the tiles should be arranged vertically.

4. Floor tiles

In small bathrooms, lay floor tiles in a diamond pattern to optically enlarge the space.

5. Additional lighting

In a small bathroom you should install additional lighting. One lamp in the central place of the ceiling is definitely not enough. In a small bathroom without a window, there should be lighting:

  • over the washbasin,
  • on the wall,
  • decorative LED skirting boards.

In a small bathroom it is worth using lighting with a cold color, so that the room will be even more optically enlarged.

6. Shower

A small bathroom optically enlarges the lack of a shower tray, so it is worth choosing a linear drain in the floor, which blurs the boundaries between the shower and the floor. In the shower cubicle it is best to lay tiles, which will be an extension of the floor.

7. Transparent glass

Transparent glass enlarges the space, so it is worth choosing the door in the shower enclosure made of such material. An interesting solution is also a glass wall, thanks to which there will be no divisions in the bathroom.

8. Mirrors

A huge role in a small bathroom play mirrors. The larger the mirror, the better. It is worth hanging them opposite the door, so that the reflection optically enlarges the room. A great way to give the illusion of more space is to hang a mirror on the ceiling.

9. Cabinets

Cabinets are an essential element in any bathroom. For a small bathroom, it is advisable to choose open hanging cabinets. You can hang them in any place. Open hanging cabinets with glass illuminated shelves will work best in a small room.

10. Large appliances

For a small bathroom you should choose large equipment, which will optically enlarge the interior. Accumulation of various equipment optically clutters the bathroom, therefore, if possible, it is worth placing them on one wall. Thanks to this procedure, you can also give the impression of enlarging the space.

11. No rug

In a small bathroom it is worth resigning from rugs, which clutter the already small space on the floor.

12. Hanging fixtures

In a small bathroom you shouldn’t clutter the floor unnecessarily, so a hanging toilet compactor is a great solution.

13. Chrome accessories

Fashionable chrome accessories reflect light and optically enlarge the interior. Chrome is a trendy and elegant material that gives a small bathroom a unique character.

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