How to arrange a study space for a student?

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How to arrange a study space for a student?

With the beginning of September, children returned to school and to their academic responsibilities. It is worth making sure that they have the right conditions to do their homework and develop their knowledge.

After several hours of lessons at school, children spend another few hours at their desks at home. Thoughtful arrangement of space promotes better concentration, as well as proper body posture. When decorating the room, you should pay attention to several aspects so that the child has comfortable conditions for effective learning.

Which desk for a child’s room?

The first and basic element of equipment in a child’s room, where he or she will be doing homework, is of course a desk. It should support a correct sitting posture – it should not force the spine to strain by constant bending. Setting the desk at the right height will prevent neck strain and the development of bad habits that may have health consequences later in life

An optimal desk should be about 100 – 120 centimeters wide and 60 centimeters deep – this allows for comfortable learning. Then there is enough space to put books, notebooks and necessary accessories such as pens, markers and others. It is worth that the piece of furniture also has drawers or shelves where you can put all school books and teaching aids. This will help keep the room tidy. The location of the desk should not be underestimated either – it is best to place it near a window. Natural light has a positive influence on mood and improves mental abilities. It is definitely better than artificial light.

Comfortable chair – the basis for correct posture

The question of choosing the right chair for a child to study is very often asked in furniture stores just before the start of the school year. The most important element is the adjustable seat height. This ensures optimal adjustment to the student’s height and desk size. Additionally, you can pay attention to whether the chair is properly profiled. The backrest should ideally adhere to the back of the sitting child

Some models have reinforcement at the level of the lumbar region. It is this part of the spine that most often causes pain when the posture is incorrect. Orthopedists also recommend that the chair should be flexible and adapt to the movements of the child. This is ensured by a movable backrest. The child should also be able to rest his or her feet on the floor. If this is not possible, it is worth investing in a footrest. A study chair should also have armrests so that you can rest comfortably

It’s a good idea to go shopping together with your child, so that they can sit down on their own and determine whether the chair suits them and whether it’s comfortable

What to look for when arranging a study space?

Concentration is probably the most important thing when studying. A variety of binders, toolboxes, and drawers will ensure that your child can efficiently find everything they need without distraction. This will help keep the student’s attention while keeping the learning area tidy

Choosing the right furniture and accessories will make the learning space more functional and ergonomic. With a comfortable chair and minimalist decor that promotes concentration, acquiring knowledge can actually become a pleasure. Also, don’t forget about good lighting. In addition to access to natural light, it is a good idea to buy a desk lamp, which will come in handy in the afternoon to better illuminate the tasks to be performed

Involving your child in the entire planning process will give them a sense of ownership over the creation of their learning space. This will certainly encourage them to do their homework on their own, and this involvement will not end after a few weeks

An interesting solution is to also hang a corkboard above the desk where the child can attach the lesson plan, self-made fiches or other study aids. An alternative option is a small chalkboard or magnetic board. The space around the desk should be neat and functional so that the child can focus on learning.

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