Scandinavian style and its key features

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Scandinavian style and its key features

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We present the basic principles of Scandinavian design. This style is still in vogue and has many supporters. It is often used in interior design

The main features of this style

Scandinavian style is characterized by functionality and simplicity. It is combined with minimalism and harmony. It must be as useful as possible. Often natural materials are used in it. It refers to three countries in Northern Europe, namely Denmark, Norway and Sweden. It is also successfully used in Poland, because especially in winter, there is similar light and few sunny days. This style has a few variations, which differ slightly from each other. However, the basic assumptions remain the same in each case. This is a popular style for people who appreciate peace and orderliness.

There is also wood, which is used in many places, especially on floors and furniture. In Scandinavian countries, nature and time spent outdoors are valued. Therefore, often in such rooms there is a reference to nature. An important role is played here by well-chosen and thoughtful lighting. Also important here is a suitable color scheme, which dominates in this style. Natural accents are also used in textiles. Often used materials are wool, linen, wicker or jute

The most commonly used colors

The basic color, which is most often seen in Scandinavian style, is white. It optically enlarges the space in which it is used. Very often this color appears on the walls. It is associated with simplicity and cleanliness. This is a very universal solution. This is a characteristic feature of this style, which helps to easily recognize it

Various shades of gray, blue and ecru are also common. Usually these are very delicate, subdued colors and pastels. The stronger ones are more often used in various types of accessories. They appear, for example, on furniture or textiles. Wooden details are also popular. Neutral colors of walls are also well broken by elements made of stone

Examples of additions to the mix

Accessories also play a big role here. The basic addition that affects the look of Scandinavian interiors is the right furniture. Furniture should be functional and aesthetically made. Very often they do the biggest job here. So it is good to bet on those of good quality. Then they will serve for years. Scandinavian style is also perfectly thought-out and directed at ecological solutions. It will also work well in the room for a teenager. For this purpose, purchase practical youth furniture. They can be the basis for furnishing a Scandinavian bedroom. It has also become popular to use this style in the arrangement of the kitchen. In her decorating will help simple and classic kitchen cabinets. Sometimes it is worth buying even one element to change your interior

Other additions are warm bedspreads with a thick weave. They add a very atmospheric character. It is also worth betting on a large number of pillows. It may appear on them some color element. The room will seem cozy then. It is also worth betting on interesting lighting in various forms. These may be standing lamps or wall sconces. It is also common to find various decorations to hang. These are for example frames with pictures. Sometimes, they present floral or abstract motifs. Woven carpets are a good addition. They may have various patterns and colors.

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