How do you prepare your home for the arrival of your pet?

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How do you prepare your home for the arrival of your pet?

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Every newly minted pet guardian needs to prepare for the adoption of a pet. This means not only research on health, upbringing and building relations with the pet, but also completing the layette, which will help the dog to start in a new place. How to prepare the house to welcome a new home and what should be included in the “starter package” for each dog? We suggest!

Prepare for chaos

First days in a new house are very stressful for a dog. You have to reckon with the fact that this is not the time to start training. While clear rules must prevail in the house from the beginning, training and teaching your dog new, desired behaviors must wait. Until you build a relationship with your dog and gain his trust, training is pointless. So you must be ready for chaos, mess and possible destruction. A great many adoptable animals struggle with separation anxiety. When they are left alone, they will compulsively destroy objects under stress, settle in the house, or make copulatory motions on unwanted objects, such as pillows. Start by instilling a sense of security in your dog, under no circumstances punish him for these behaviors – it’s not his fault. Your calm approach and understanding will shorten the time of adaptation to the new place and will make your dog feel confident in his new home faster. To minimize the damage in this difficult period, provide hygienic mats to protect the floor from dog urine, plenty of chews (not pressed or braided leather, they are very unhealthy and full of chemicals) and licking toys. Chewing on the chews and licking the pate or food off the toy will help your dog calm down, making it easier for him to control his emotions

Protect furniture from dog teeth

Unfortunately, the beginning of life with a dog can be difficult and can result in bitten table or bed legs or the corners of a closet. Not only is biting furniture a very undesirable behavior, but it is also very dangerous for your dog. From broken teeth to foreign objects in the digestive system to splinters in the gums, the list of health complications that a bitten table can cause is very long. In order to save your furniture and your dog’s body, it is advisable to protect elements susceptible to biting and located within the range of dog’s teeth, for example by wrapping them in rags. How to stop your dog from chewing on furniture, shoes or other objects? Give him another, more attractive alternative. Chews made of offal, such as oxtail, penis, rumen, lung, trachea or sinew are a tasty and fulfilling chew for your dog, which works much better than your sneaker. This will allow your pet to shift his interest to what is meant to be chewed instead of destroying household items

Put together a layette

Before your dog arrives at home, prepare a cozy and quiet corner for him in the house. This can be a kennel cage (although you may want to hold off on buying one for adopted dogs, as they may be traumatized by being confined to a box), or simply a bed and private space for your dog. In such a place there should be a bed, adjusted to the size of the dog, in a small distance from it bowls with food and water and toys. This corner must be your dog’s relaxation zone, where no one will disturb or bother him. Besides, you also need to buy a supply of dog food. Feeding your dog is essential for his healthy and happy life. The food must be of good quality and contain a lot of meat, in turn, it must not contain grains, artificial colors or flavor enhancers. Read the composition of the food you choose for your dog to avoid being fooled by manufacturers of popular and widely advertised foods

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