9 autumn napkin folding ideas

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9 autumn napkin folding ideas

The autumn table can not do without nicely arranged napkins. Thanks to them our decoration will be more elegant. Guests will surely appreciate our efforts. Here are some ways to fold napkins in autumn.

Folded napkin in the shape of a leaf

A very autumn accent to an elegant table setting are napkins folded in the shape of leaves. For such decoration, it is best to use napkins in mustard, yellow or brick color. This will make them look like autumn leaves that have just fallen from the tree. Fold the napkin at the beginning, so that the shape resembles a triangle. Then roll its longest side in an accordion. Fold it alternately from the longest side up, until you get a long and thin strip. Then fold it in half. The accordion will unfold and the napkin will actually remind us of an autumn leaf.

Three-dimensional flower

This way of folding the napkin is a bit more complicated, but it will surely make a great impression on our guests. Both sides of the napkin are folded inwards, so that the ends meet each other. Then fold the napkin in half at the same place to make a long strip. Fold one end twice – once to the middle of the napkin, and the second time stretch it out and fold again, in the middle of the previous fold

Fold the doily once on one side, once on the other. We will get a two-layer small napkin in the shape of a small rectangle. Fold the inner part of the napkin so that each corner is folded. Then turn the napkin over on the other side and repeat this operation. At the end you should have teeth. Also fold the two outer corners that are left and gently unroll the accordion. The flat part of the napkin can stand on a table or plate. The napkin has the shape of a beautiful, semicircular flower. It will be suitable for various important celebrations.

Sailboat napkin

Our napkin can also be in the shape of a sailboat floating on the surface of water. Fold the square napkin in half. Both sides of the napkin are folded once more, so that the corners extend beyond the long side of the napkin. Then turn the napkin over and fold the protruding corners so that the napkin has the previous triangular shape. Turn it over and fold the resulting triangle in half so that the inside of the napkin is visible. You will see the protruding parts of the napkin that we have folded several times. It will have many layers, which will form a comb of sails. Pull them out one by one and bend them slightly to make them float upwards. The napkin will certainly look very interesting and extravagant.

Fan Napkin

A very popular way to fold the napkin is to arrange it in a fan. Fold the napkin at the beginning in accordion, so that one long strip is created. Then leave one side of the napkin unfolded and turn it over. The remaining side fold in a triangle, so that it is a base for the fan. Gently unfold the napkin to form a semicircular fan and place it on the long, flat side on a table or plate.

Other ways of folding napkins

An interesting way to elegantly fold a napkin is to create a pocket for cutlery. Fold the unfolded napkin in ¾ of its length. Then, both side corners of the napkin are also folded outwards at this length. Roll them up so that a small pocket is formed at the front. You can put cutlery or a small branch with rowan berries or dried leaves in it

A napkin folded twice into a triangle and placed on the plate will also look very graceful. It will be easier for the guests to reach for it and spread it out on their laps

A triangle napkin folded twice so that it can be placed on the unfolded triangles also looks nice

You can also fold the napkin into a long rectangle and then roll it up and put it, for example, into a glass or a tall glass. You can also tie it with a decorative ribbon or fasten it with a napkin clothespin.

How can you decorate the autumn table?

Dried bouquets of leaves and rowanberries are a welcome addition. Walnuts, chestnuts and very romantic lanterns also look great. You can also use embroidered napkins in autumn colors and a decorative table runner to decorate your table.

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