The bartending accessories you should have

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The bartending accessories you should have

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Professional drinks are not only delicious, but also extremely aesthetic combinations of alcohol, juice and liquor. However, to prepare them you need specific bartending accessories. Find out which of them are worth having in your home

Do you want to make beautiful looking and delicious drinks? Nothing simpler! All you need is the right amount of good quality alcohol, colorful juices and liqueurs and the right bartending accessories. Find out what accessories you need to get started in the art of bartending.

Bartender shaker

The basic equipment of every bartender is of course a shaker, in which drinks are prepared. Thanks to it, it only takes a few energetic movements to get a drink with the perfect color and consistency

However, which model to choose? The most popular are Boston shakers, which is a two-piece device, consisting of a metal container and a glass. A very versatile and popular model is also the Cobbler shaker. It consists of a cup in which you will combine all the ingredients, a head with a sieve, which will help you pour liquids into glasses and a cork, which is also used as a measure for alcohols. Other models you can find include a two-piece French shaker without a strainer, a Tin-Tin shaker consisting of a cup and a glass made of stainless steel, or an electric shaker and various types of blenders

Bar spoon

If you want to create extremely impressive multi-layered drinks, then a long bartending spoon made of high quality stainless steel is also a very useful accessory. It is also useful for mixing drinks served in tall glasses


Jiggers can also come in handy. These are nothing but bartenders’ dispensers, which can help you to measure out the right amounts of ingredients. The most classic models have the shape of a two-sided glass and are made of stainless steel. Moreover, they have special graduations inside, which can be extremely helpful, especially at the beginning of your adventure with the art of bartending.

Instruments for ice

Many drinks need to be properly chilled with ice. This is why you will need a special bucket and tongs. With these accessories serving ice will not only be easier, but also more elegant. So it is a must for all kinds of parties and events. Moreover, they look very refined as part of the tableware

If you want to make sure that the ice in your drinks is just right, you can also opt to buy an ice crusher

Bar mortars

For preparing professional drinks, especially those with fruit, a bartender’s mortar, often called a muddler, will also come in handy. For example, you will use it to crush lime, sugar and mint in the popular and well-known Mojito drink

This is a very important tool because the more thoroughly the products are squeezed, the better the finished drink will taste. However, what material to choose for the muddler to make sure that it will perform its function well? Wooden ones work best, but keeping them in good condition for a long time is a very difficult task. So you can bet on plastic or the very popular, when it comes to the manufacture of bar accessories, stainless steel.

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