Practical gifts for a new apartment

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Practical gifts for a new apartment

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Buying the right gift for a housewarming party can be a challenge, especially if you want the gift to match the aesthetics of your friends’ new apartment. When choosing a gift, it is worth to be guided by the fact that the item should bring joy to the tenants, fit their tastes and be useful at the same time. Below we present a selection of useful and tasteful gifts in different price ranges.

Gifts for homemakers

A good gift idea can be an elegant tea or coffee service or tasteful tableware. Porcelain coffee cups, especially plain models and neutral color, is a classic and proven choice that will appeal to most people. Porcelain service can be used for holidays and family celebrations, as well as everyday, making every morning special. Another solution can be buying a set of mugs for coffee or tea. Functional coffee mugs is a gift that will certainly be appreciated by the tenants of a new apartment. Coffee fans will also be happy with a new coffee machine or a set of coffees from different parts of the world.

A gift that can also make your friends very happy is a glass cake platter. It is an irreplaceable element during elegant parties, and it will be good for cakes, fruit, as well as salty snacks. Carefully selected metal or glass cake trays will add elegance to any kitchen. A filter jug can be an unobvious but useful in the kitchen and at the same time ecological gift. However, if you are looking for something more sophisticated, many people recommend buying a set of wine or champagne glasses. Elegant glasses and good quality wine is a casual and in a good mood gift – it will be perfect for a wedding, birthday, as well as a housewarming party.

Gift ideas for fans of the culinary arts

If the couple you are looking for a gift for likes cooking, you can always buy them a beautifully published cookbook, a set of kitchen herbs in decorative pots or a composition of oriental spices. It will be a great inspiration to experiment in the kitchen and try new flavors. Kitchen knives also belong to the gifts that will always come in handy for cooking lovers. It is worth choosing a block of knives that looks nice and is not too heavy. It is good to buy a set of blades with versatile uses – from vegetables, through meat, to fish. For baking enthusiasts, knives designed for cutting through cakes will also work great. You can also include other confectionery accessories such as spatulas or a professional cream spritzer.

Gifts for the bedroom

For those interested in gardening, plants and gardening accessories can be a great gift. Many people choose an orchid or something more elaborate like a forest in a jar as a gift. A natural ecosystem in glass will delight many people and make a new apartment cozier.

If you know the people who are organizing the housewarming party, you can give them a personalized poster or a picture in an elegant frame. Nice bedding will also work well, which will decorate the freshly finished bedroom. Many people buy their friends scented candles or cut flowers for their new apartment, but these are not particularly useful gifts. If you have a bigger budget or you are making a gift with your friends, then you can choose an air purifier. The device will improve the quality of sleep and allow for better recovery.

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