Kitchen in the colors of nature – what color palettes to choose?

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Kitchen in the colors of nature – what color palettes to choose?

Are you facing the decision to choose the color scheme of your new kitchen? Do you prefer calmer shades, colors of nature, but are wondering how to compose them properly? We have prepared a short guide, in which we will try to dispel your doubts. Read it and use our tips to create a unique interior!

Wood – a cozy, but also universal element of the arrangement

We start with wood, which is a natural material that introduces a unique character to the interior. In the kitchen it will fit in beautifully, for example, as the top of the cabinets, table or cabinet fronts. Depending on your preferences, we can bet on a light, warm color of wood or a darker, cooler one. Moreover, we have an easier task, because wood blends perfectly with virtually all colors. Want a kitchen inspired by nature? Opt for wooden cabinets with a stone countertop and a beige wall. Add hockers in a shade of juicy orange.

Greenery – from pastel sage to stronger shades

Various shades of green have a soothing effect on our senses. Contrary to appearances, they are suitable not only for offices and home offices, but also for the kitchen, creating an original arrangement. Bottle green on the wall or in the space between the upper and lower cabinets looks insane, but we recommend going a step further and betting on… sage cabinets. The countertop can be wood or gray. As for the walls, here, too, let them be either gray or cream-beige. The whole will be brightened, for example, by sunny yellow. 

Instead of white – beige

Much is said about how the base of any decor is white – white on the walls, on the furniture. Here, however, we suggest replacing it with a softer beige. It will introduce a sense of harmony, order and freshness. You can warm up raw stone countertops or a dark wall with beige, but also with accessories – linen cloths, wicker baskets, bamboo placemats, delicate lamps or herbs in pots.

Sunshine in the kitchen – yellows and oranges

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so it is worth ensuring that there is always good energy and sunny optimism. Try a kitchen with yellow elements. We have already mentioned that it will brighten up the green interior, but it will also work well in a larger dose, for example, on the walls. Here caution – don’t overdo it, so either opt for all the walls in a banana or straw shade, or only mark one wall with a distinctive canary color, for example. Do you like the colors of nature, but in a bolder version? Spice up the arrangement with tangerine orange – on the fronts of the cabinets, the space between them or on the hockers. Revival guaranteed!

And which idea appealed to you the most? Remember that a kitchen in the colors of nature is a peace of mind, a place to relax and let your culinary fantasies run wild. After all, nothing relaxes and calms you down as much as just getting in touch with nature! Good luck!

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