What herbs to grow in the garden?

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What herbs to grow in the garden?

Fresh herbs are the perfect accompaniment to dishes, so growing them in your garden is a great idea. Additionally, these plants are really easy to grow and don’t need much maintenance. But which herbs should you choose?

Herbs from the north

Herbs such as lovage, dill, lemon balm, garden tribune, and peppermint naturally grow in northern countries that have a temperate climate. They like moist soils with a relatively high humus content. It is best for them to be located in partial shade as full sun does not do them any good. Rainy summer is not a problem for them. However, they should not be planted or sown shortly after fertilizing the soil. Lovage, lemon balm or peppermint should be planted in separate beds because they are quite expansive plants. As a result, their presence can harm other plants that are not as lush in growth.

Herbs from the south

Sage, thyme, basil, oregano, marjoram, rosemary and savory are plants that thrive in calcareous, sandy or light soils. Their substrate should also be dry and contain many nutrients. They like a lot of warmth, and therefore, sunshine

An exception to this rule is basil, which feels great in humidity. What is the situation with Mediterranean herbs? They are primarily semi-shrubs or perennials, so they will not grow well in waterlogged, heavy, clayey soils

In contrast, they are very fond of stone gardens or sun-warmed walls. How do southern herbs withstand Polish winters? As it turns out, really well, but only if they grow on dry and light soil. All you have to do is to cover them in cold periods so that they don’t freeze. When the end of February or the beginning of March arrives, it is also a good idea to trim all your herbs. This will make new shoots grow and the plant will spread

What does proper herb cultivation look like?

Despite appearances, starting an herb garden is a really simple task. You can both plant and sow these plants in appropriate beds, or between other floral elements. Depending on what you prefer, you can buy seedlings or opt for growing from seeds. In case you don’t have a garden or too much space, a large container or several pots is a good solution. This way you will be able to move your herbs from the balcony to the house during the winter.

Which herbs to grow in the garden?

It all depends on your preferences, but there are a few herbs that simply must be in your garden. What are they?

  • Basil. This annual plant is characterized by its spicy and sweet taste, similar to cloves. It loves a quiet location and sunshine and can be planted into the ground as early as mid-May. Its taste is the best just before blooming, so during summer you should constantly get rid of inflorescence shoots;
  • Mint. Here we are dealing with a perennial whose rhizomes creep underground. If you opt for the peppermint variety, you will be dealing with oval and dark green leaves with a delicate red tint. It is harvested during the vacations by plucking the leaves just before the plant blooms;
  • Melissa. The leaves of these herbs can be yellowish green or dark green in color. Their shape is somewhat similar to that of mint and the smell is very strong and pleasant
  • Thyme. This is a perennial shrub that is characterized by narrow leaves and stiff stems. Cut the herbs just before or during flowering. Afterwards, it should be dried in a fairly airy place and stored in a tightly closed container. Fresh thyme is really burning, so be careful with its dosage.
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