What should you consider when furnishing a patio?

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What should you consider when furnishing a patio?

It is a good idea to create a preliminary plan for a terrace long before it is even built, so that we can be sure that the size, shape and location of the terrace will meet our expectations. However, it is often the case that the terrace is already finished and we are only just beginning to arrange it. In such a situation, it is worth paying attention to four key issues that will allow you to create a beautiful and fully functional terrace, which will not only allow you to spend time outdoors, but will also become a decoration in the garden.

Determining the purpose of the terrace is the key to success

The first thing to do before setting up your terrace is to think carefully about how you will use it. A terrace which is to be used as a dining area in the summer will be different from a terrace which is to be used for relaxing in the evening when the sun is setting or for sunbathing on a hot day. The choice and positioning of furniture depends on the purpose of the terrace.

The size of the terrace matters

The size of the terrace is also important. The size of the terrace will determine whether or not the functions planned for it are feasible. A small terrace is not suitable as a dining area because if you have a table and chairs, they can be very uncomfortable to use. Large terraces, on the other hand, are places where you can set up a parallel lounge area and dining area without any obstacles. This is why the size of the terrace is so important, because it is to it that the furniture, accessories and their quantities will be chosen.

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Sunny south or shady north – on which side is the terrace located

Which side of the world our terrace is located on has a huge impact on how much sunlight will reach it at any given time of the day. As we all know, there are four sides to the world, and each of them provides different conditions.

Terraces on the northern side

Terrace located in such a place will be characterized by high sunlight in the morning and shade from noon to dusk. It works well as a shelter from the sun, but it can be a bit problematic if you want to grow plants on it. This does not mean, however, that it is impossible. Flowers such as greater periwinkle, tuberous begonia, common ivy, Japanese hops, graceful clarkia and New Guinea impatiens, which are resistant to shade, do best on northern terraces.

Terrace on the south side

Full sunlight from midday until sunset is a feature of terraces located on the south side. They are an ideal place for sunbathing in the summer and admiring sunsets. However, when arranging them, it is worth using umbrellas that will give respite and shield from the intense rays of the sun. On such terraces it is also worth betting on furniture, which are resistant to UV radiation, so that their color will not fade too quickly. As far as plants are concerned, it would be ideal to use velvet flowers, begonias, garden violets, geraniums or petunias.

It’s the colors that create the atmosphere

Whether it’s a dining table and chairs or armchairs for relaxing on the patio, it’s the colors that are most important. For the design of the terrace, the colors of the existing facade or other background should be taken into account. The colors of furniture, flowers and other accessories should be matched to these colors in order to create a consistent and stylish look. Lack of color consistency may affect the visual chaos, which will be tiring and will not allow you to experience the desired respite in the fresh air.

All these rules taken into account when designing an arrangement of the terrace will allow to create a functional, safe and stylish place to relax outdoors, which will also become the decoration of buildings and gardens and pride of their owners.

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