Ideas for a beautiful autumn balcony

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Ideas for a beautiful autumn balcony

Use your imagination and design a cozy, elegant balcony. Autumn is associated with crisp temperatures, color-changing leaves, and warm sweaters. Check out how to decorate your balcony, porch or patio with seasonal accents.

Elegant table decorations

Place a basket filled with different colored autumn leaves or fruits on your table. Or place a few candles on a small, stylish tray. Autumn is a colourful time of year – make the most of it!

Add texture to your balcony or patio to give it a cozy feel. Look for warm, tactile blankets and throws. You can place elegant cushions in autumn leaves on chairs.

Remember to add romantic, mood lighting. This will help you spend more time on your balcony. Look for scented candles, garden lanterns or LED lights.

Lay down a rug

A small mat will warm up your balcony at least visually while giving it an autumn feel. Choose hand-knotted rugs, preferably in earthy tones. This will make them fit in perfectly with their surroundings

Atmospheric autumn decorations

Autumn decorations are dominated by multi-colored leaves. Combine them with fruit, chestnuts, walnuts, rowanberries, acorns, pinecones or twigs. The possibilities are endless. All you need is your imagination and some money

The pumpkin is one of the most popular symbols of this time of year. Depending on how much space you have, choose a small or large pumpkin

Beautiful autumn garland

With a little time and creativity, you can create a lovely autumn garland to decorate your balcony. First, twist some vine branches and secure the ends with wire. Attach the heads of small sunflowers, chrysanthemums, or other weather-resistant flowers and foliage, then wrap them around the balustrade. Alternatively, you can create a garland of artificial leaves and acorns.


It stands out for its very long flowering period and its tolerance of low temperatures. Many verbenas can bloom even at the first frosts. You can plant them in a pot, container or hanging basket. Colors range from white through bright reds and deep navy blue to purple and pink


Blue or purple asters are a symbol of the autumn garden and work equally well in balcony pots. They grow best in fertile soil. Remember that the soil should be moist, not wet. Cut the stems after flowering and store the plants in a greenhouse

Black and white decor

Are you a staunch minimalist, regardless of the season? You can keep a neutral color palette when decorating your balcony this fall. Reach for witch hats, cat figurines and pumpkins to create a simple, Halloween-inspired setup. Stick to one or two colors.

If you have a large balcony, plant ornamental grasses in pots. Rich shades of gold, orange and purple go perfectly with a rustic wooden pot

Chrysanthemums and goldenrod

Chrysanthemums define autumn. They are very popular in different parts of the world. They are available in many colors and grow in almost any climate. There are both annual and perennial species. They appeal not only to advanced gardeners but also to beginners.

The goldenrod blooms from late summer to autumn. You can grow it in pots. It goes well with ferns, ornamental grasses and other autumn flowers.

When decorating your balcony, also pay attention to sedum. It can survive frost, full sun and strong wind. The perennial plant does best in high temperatures and fertile, permeable, moderately moist soil.

Herbs on the balcony

If this is your first time planting herbs on your balcony, prepare: soil, organic fertilizer, pots, spatula, watering can, hanging baskets and gardening gloves. Look for pots in different sizes. They should have a hole in the bottom for efficient drainage. Clay, plastic, or ceramic pots work best. If you have more space, go for wooden models.

Place herbs in the sunniest part of the balcony. Frequent watering is equally important. Look for fertilizers that release nutrients slowly. Some herbs can be pruned to speed up their growth. Perennial species such as lemon balm, mint, thyme, rosemary, leek and oregano work best.

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