How to decorate your garden for Easter?

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How to decorate your garden for Easter?

Easter is just around the corner! To make your garden look great for Easter too, check out how you can decorate it beautifully.

Wooden herb boxes

Flower boxes can decorate your garden perfectly and make it much more colorful. Making your own wooden boxes is not very difficult. You just need to prepare small boards of equal length. You can buy them in a DIY store or cut them yourself

To make a crate, you’ll also need four more boards – one wider to be the base of the crate, two long side boards and two shorter boards that are the same width as the base of the crate. Clad the base of the crate with the short boards and reinforce them with additional long boards that match the dimensions of the bottom of the crate. Before you put the soil inside the box, protect it with a special wood preservative. This can be oil or clear paint which protects the wood from moisture

After pre-protecting the wood, you can also paint the box any color you like. To decorate it nicely, you can use colorful ribbons to tie the wood with. If it’s not very airtight, it can also be used as a protective casing for plastic pots. Crocuses, narcissi or daffodils look great in such a box. You can also grow herbs like basil, thyme or parsley in it for spring salads. These are very spring plants, with which you will certainly beautifully decorate your garden or outside window sills.

Vintage metal watering cans instead of classic pots

If you’re bored with classic pots made of plastic or rattan, we have an unusual proposal for you. Metal watering cans can be the perfect protection for flowers, and also serve as a vase for tulips

Large watering cans are ideal, in which you just need to make bigger holes for growing plants. You can place them in a row near the entrance to your house or arrange them asymmetrically in your garden. They look very interesting and can be used as Easter decorations.

Mini vases hanging over a veranda

If you have a protruding roof or veranda, you can place hanging vases on it. Just buy long and small flasks and place dried flowers in them. You can tie the vases with colorful ribbons or string. Attach a string to the neck of the vase, and attach the other end to the top. Your guests will feel the spring atmosphere right from the entrance.

Spring garden decorations

If you only associate garden ornaments with kitschy garden gnomes, then you need to explore modern design that will impress you with class and elegance. There are some very interesting yet classy garden ornaments available today that you can put in the ground. They are made of bent metal or wood, making them weather resistant.

You can choose from beautiful ornaments in the shape of birds, flowers or magical characters such as fairies. They resemble paper cutouts and are very elegant. They can also be a practical support for climbing plants such as fragrant peas and ivy. Decorations depicting chickens or rabbits are sure to be a hit at Easter.

Delicate, openwork egg-shaped decorations

A very interesting solution is to expose the flowers you have planted with openwork decorations. Egg-shaped flower pots look very festive. In addition, the egg -shaped ornament has a tilting top, so you can easily water the flowers or weed the bed

The bottom of the egg is a plant pot into which you can pour a mixture of soil and fertilizers to make the flowers grow beautifully. The top of the open egg is also openworked so that the necessary sunlight can reach the flowers. Such an unusual, three-dimensional sculpture with a floral center is sure to attract attention. Available in a variety of colors to choose from.

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