Lighting – a key element in the design of any home!

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Lighting – a key element in the design of any home!

When arranging the interior, we focus on furniture, accessories, wall colors and floor finishes, forgetting, however, that to a very large extent the perception of a given space depends on the lighting used. Nowadays lamps not only provide light, but they are also a perfect decorative accessory, which allows to achieve various effects in interiors

The color of the light is important

Many people focus only on the design of a given lamp, omitting an extremely key aspect, which is the color of light applied. What is interesting, it is the color that determines our mood

Relaxing, warm color of light

In the interiors where we rest and regenerate our strength, i.e. in living rooms and bedrooms, it is best to choose lighting with a warm, yellow color. In this case choose the bulbs with a color temperature of 2000 to 4000 K. Depending on the color temperature you can get quite a different effect

  • color temperature below 2000K – gives an effect similar to that of a candle flame or bonfire, so this type of bulb is most often used for decorative purposes,
  • color temperature of 2200K – this is very warm lighting, which promotes relaxation and loosening up, perfect for bedrooms because it makes falling asleep easier,
  • 2700-3000K color temperature – this color gives an effect similar to that of a classic incandescent bulb, it provides a warm feeling, creating a cosy aura in the interiors,
  • 4000K color temperature – the most universal and completely neutral to our body, its color resembles natural light, so it is recommended for lighting offices and living rooms

It is worth knowing that the color temperature of bulbs oscillating above 4000K is ideal for all kinds of workshops and offices. Its color is very bright, almost white, and sometimes falling into the blue tones, so it promotes concentration and keeping the mind clear for a long time

What type of lighting fixture to bet on?

Lighting fixtures selected for the interior should primarily meet two basic functions. The first is to provide adequate lighting, which will allow you to freely perform any activity in its light. The second, or decorative function, is to match the light to the arrangement. That is why on the market you can find a variety of lamps finished in loft style, classic, New York and any other style, blending perfectly with the most fashionable interior trends of the time

Types and shapes of lamps can be divided according to their application in given rooms

  • ceiling lamps – are perfect for small rooms. Thanks to the fact that they are suspended from the ceiling they do not take up too much space,
  • hanging lamps – are an excellent choice for living rooms and spacious interiors, due to the fact that they usually have several sources of light,
  • standing lamps – are perfect as a complement to the main lighting in living rooms and create a unique atmosphere,
  • table and bedside lamps – will illuminate the bedroom interior, while placed on coffee tables and counters they can be a decoration of living rooms,
  • wall lamps – are a great alternative to bedside lamps in bedrooms, but they are also perfect as lighting in corridors, halls and anterooms

Well-chosen lighting will not only provide a source of light, but also become an additional decoration, which will attract attention. Therefore, when arranging the interior, it is worthwhile already at the stage of planning the equipment, to match it with other elements of the decor, so that it perfectly harmonized with them and constituted a coherent whole, ensuring a stylish effect

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