How to arrange a small terrace in front of the house?

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How to arrange a small terrace in front of the house?

A well arranged space in front of the house makes it an additional place to spend free time. You can eat common meals there, organize family meetings or even work. How to arrange a small terrace in front of the house? We suggest!

What to keep in mind when furnishing a small terrace?

Less space on a terrace means that the arrangement of this space should not be accidental. It is worth deciding on practical, often even multifunctional solutions. Make sure that the furniture and decorations are resistant to rain and other weather conditions. This way you will still be able to enjoy your terrace when you are not at home and the weather deteriorates.

The basis for further decorating a small terrace is, of course, the floor. Here you have many options, because there are many solutions on the market that are cheap and practical. Among them are the classic ceramic tiles, but more and more often other solutions reign supreme – such as composite boards, as well as wooden boards. If you do not want to spend a lot of time fixing the floor, choose plastic floor boards in a chosen color or special mats that imitate a lawn.

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What style to decorate your terrace?

Determine the style or theme of your small terrace. If your home is dominated by a modern interior, opt for metal furniture and geometric decorative patterns, for example. Are you a fan of idyllic atmosphere? Are you familiar with boho? Then you will need furnishings made of natural materials, including bamboo wood.

You can find plenty of inspiration on Instagram. We were inspired by @paulla_home profile, where Paulina presented photos of her small terrace in boho and Scandinavian style. What was her guiding principle when decorating? What materials did she use and why?

My home has a boho and Scandinavian feel to it, so I used these materials for my little terrace

I didn’t want to invest a lot in it and in fact, I didn’t buy much to furnish it, because a few elements such as a coffee table, lanterns, rugs and cushions were simply moved from the house – outside. For me, the terrace is an “extension” of the house and I feel just as comfortable there as inside.

– says Paulina.

What kind of furniture for a small terrace?

When it comes to furniture for a small terrace, it should be made of high-quality materials that are easy to clean. Timeless is wood, but you need to remember about its proper maintenance and regular renewal. Of course, furniture for a small terrace should be resistant to UV radiation and changing weather conditions. This way, they will look aesthetic for a long time and the color will not fade. Among the popular materials are technorattan or aluminum

For a small terrace, you can opt for modular furniture, which you can choose to suit your space in the right way. Sofas, benches and chairs are not everything. A table should be the centrepiece of the terrace. If the space is small, this can be a folding model. You can put a jug of lemonade down there or even play a board game.

Small terrace – great relaxation

Do you like sunbathing? Then a deckchair or a folding chair will come in handy. It is good to choose a model that does not take up much space when folded. Recently, rocking chairs are also popular, where you can fully relax in the fresh air. An alternative to this solution is a seat attached to the ceiling. This type of furniture will work perfectly in a small space

Paulina opted for a boho style rocking chair.

The rocking chair was a dream of mine for a long time. I’d always admired the living rooms it was in, until my dream rocker caught my eye! When I sat in it for the first time I asked myself – why so late!

Every moment I spend in the rocker is relaxing for me and my mind. I love this time when I can sit in it with a book or a cup of coffee and enjoy the surrounding nature. Then I feel like I regenerate faster 🙂 This is definitely one of the things that my whole family adores

– says the author of @paulla_home profile on instagram.

Must have on a small terrace are plants and lighting. This will make the space cozy. You can also opt for small rugs or one larger fabric on the floor. And don’t forget blankets to wrap you up on cooler days, as well as pillows to create a pleasant aura.

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