How to grow thyme on the balcony?

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How to grow thyme on the balcony?

There’s probably nothing better than growing your own small herbs and fruits or vegetables on the balcony. This is a simple and practical solution especially for people who live in a block of flats and do not have a garden. One of them is thyme. How to grow it to enjoy its aromatic leaves for a long time.

Properties of thyme

Thyme is perfect as an herbal addition to all kinds of sauces, meats, vegetables and fish. There are also people who really like its taste in desserts. In addition to its taste and nutritional value, thyme infusion is a great medicine. It has strong antiseptic and decongestant properties. It is used as a natural remedy for respiratory infections

Care for thyme on the balcony

Thyme will do just fine in a box or decorative pot. As a perennial plant, it can also overwinter, but not on a balcony, but we still recommend frostproof pots which you put in a cool, bright room in the autumn. As far as the soil is concerned, think light and sandy. Thyme will do well in a sunny position, where it grows beautifully. So be sure to water it regularly, preferably in the morning or evening, never in the middle of the day!

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