When to plant thuyas?

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When to plant thuyas?

Thuyas are hardy and easy to grow coniferous plants. They are most often used to create effective hedges that shield the house from the wind and the sight of passers-by

These are plants that are appreciated by plant fans due to the many forms they can take and the many shades of color. In Poland, often chosen varieties such as emerald, columna or yellow ribbon, which are appreciated as ornamental plants and frequent protection and enrichment of our gardens

When and where to plant thuyas?

The time at which you plan to plant your plant is important for its growth. If it’s rooted in a pot of soil, it’s best to make sure it’s transplanted between spring and fall. Its growth period occurs during this time, so it will take hold best. However, if your tuja has uncovered or jute-wrapped roots, it is best to make sure to plant it into the ground before budding occurs. So it’s best to do this from mid-April to mid-May or in the fall, when you won’t have to worry about new buds appearing.

Hedgehogs are not demanding and are resistant to changing weather conditions. This means that they will grow in almost any conditions and on most types of soil. However, it is worth remembering that they like sun, so the best solution is to plant them in sunny or slightly shaded places.

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