Plants for balcony in boxes – which ones to plant in spring?

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Plants for balcony in boxes – which ones to plant in spring?

Spring is the perfect time to plant flowers on your balcony. You can easily decorate it to look elegant, yet very spring-like. Check out the best plants for your balcony that will look great until September.


These are very popular balcony flowers, which are characterized by remarkable resistance to various weather conditions. They can be planted in spring, preferably in the middle of April when the outside temperature does not fall below 10 degrees Celsius. Pelargoniums like to be watered quite often so it is advisable to place in the ground some expanded clay or small stones.

Thanks to this the water will not run away quickly and the roots will be properly hydrated

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These are not very demanding flowers. To make sure they bloom and grow nicely, you should peel off wilted flowers and yellowing leaves. In hot weather, a light spray of water to settle on the leaves and stems will not hurt them either. This plant really likes a light sunny spot. Pelargoniums bend sideways but don’t grow too tall. They are therefore ideal for small balconies. They stand out with their unique round flowers.

Climbing ivy

If you have a pergola or a built-in balcony, you can opt for creeping ivy. Not only does it look beautiful, but its excellent air-purifying properties have been confirmed. Ivy doesn’t need strong sun – a slightly shaded balcony is enough for it

It is best to plant it in the spring, but at a time when the sun shines for most of the day. The end of April will be optimal for planting this beautiful plant. Climbing ivy needs a small ladder at first, but over time it’s worth investing in a pergola, as it likes to grow fast.


Pansies are very easy to both propagate and grow. They need little space and grow to a maximum of 20cm tall. They can be planted from March to June and require only humusy, slightly acidic soil and regular watering. Watering in the morning and evening is sufficient for them. In addition, make sure that the soil in which they are planted is permeable and has granular fertilizer in it.

These biennial flowers bloom for a long time and can be overwintered at home. It is important that they have access to light during this time. Pansies don’t like it if you water their leaves and flowers, as they can quickly start to rot.


This is a showy flower whose buds grow in clusters. It also has very pretty green leaves. Nemesia blooms from June to August, but you can plant it as early as early April or May when temperatures are fairly stable. Nemesia does not require special soil. All it needs is a special nutrient for blooming flowers and granulated fertilizer. To prevent the flowers from drooping, it should be watered twice a day – in the morning and in the evening. It likes sunny and warm positions.

Celosia pinnatifolia

This is an exceptional flower with interesting leaves and feathery inflorescence. It doesn’t require special care and will surely enjoy its multicolored blooms for a long time. Sowing in spring will make you see the first small stems with flowers after about 12 weeks. Celosia blooms until the first frosts. It’s advisable to fertilize it during blooming with liquid fertilizers and water quite often. It likes warm and sunny positions.

Narrow-leaved lavender

Lavender is most often associated with beautiful Scotland, but you don’t have to go to Glencoe area to see its beautiful flowers. This plant also looks great on a balcony and, importantly, doesn’t need special growing conditions. All it needs is well-draining and permeable soil that is also rich in calcium. Choose alkaline and moderately moist soil.

Lavender doesn’t need constant watering, but you can’t water it too infrequently. Watering once every two days will be the best option. The wonderful flowers appear between July and August, and as long as the weather is sunny enough, you can enjoy them until October.

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