Wallpaper in the kitchen? Why not! Which one to choose?

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Wallpaper in the kitchen? Why not! Which one to choose?

Wallpaper in the bedroom, mounted in the living room behind the sofa or TV, and even in the hallway does not surprise anyone. It introduces a bit of freshness to the interior, often has its impressive texture and additionally enlivens the space. However, we often wonder if it is a good solution for the kitchen? Of course! But you have to choose the right one, and we’ll tell you what it should be!

Wallpaper in the kitchen will completely change its face. It’s a practical and increasingly popular choice that successfully replaces traditional tiles, hides imperfections and completely refreshes the space. However, choosing wallpaper for such a specific room as the kitchen, we need to think about it a little, because not every product available in the store will be suitable for this.

Kitchen and wallpaper?

Deciding on wallpaper in the kitchen, you need to pay special attention to its parameters. Unfortunately, the appearance can not be the main determinant here, which we will suggest. First of all, wallpaper for the kitchen should be resistant to moisture, since steaming dishes or other unforeseen splashes on the walls are common here.

Resistance to grease and washing will also be important. Especially when you decide to place it directly above the countertop or in the vicinity of the stove. In connection with such neighborhood, the ideal kitchen wallpaper should also be durable and resistant to washing, scrubbing and various chemicals that help us remove dirt.

Vinyl wallpapers

All of the above properties have vinyl wallpaper, so it is not without reason that they are often chosen just to arrange the kitchen interior. Their bottom is usually made of paper, and the top layer is covered with flat or foamed vinyl. Models covered with a thin layer of PVC foil are also available. They are relatively easy to install, and their undeniable advantages are resistance to water, grease, fire, UV radiation, scrubbing, cleaning and chemicals. They are harmless to greasy stains and water vapor. They are also easy to keep clean, because it is enough to dry them with a paper towel, and then wipe with a damp cloth.

Fiberglass wallpaper

This type of wallpaper resembles a bit of fabric. They are resistant to fire, water, scrubbing and all kinds of damage and scratches, just like their vinyl counterparts. However, choosing this type, we have to reckon with the fact that they are really durable and can stay with us even a few dozen years, and at the time of disassembly they come off the wall together with the plaster, so you can not do without major renovation. However, you may as well simply repaint them with paint.

When we mention the plaster, fiberglass wallpapers are great at masking all its imperfections and irregularities. Unfortunately, despite the fact that they seem straightforwardly created for kitchen arrangement, they are a relatively expensive solution. 

Paper wallpaper

This is the cheapest and most popular solution in other rooms, which, however, is not quite suited for use in the kitchen. However, we do not have to completely give up on them. It is enough that the paper wallpaper we cover with a sheet of glass, which will protect it. If the wallpaper is to decorate for example the wall above the table, it will not be necessary to protect it additionally.

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