Decorative lighting – a way to create an interesting interior design

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Decorative lighting – a way to create an interesting interior design

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Decorative lighting is intended to highlight a specific place in the room, and also to guarantee a cozy atmosphere in the interior. See which ones to choose and which beautiful objects are worth exposing in your home.

Brick wall and decorative lighting

If you have a brick wall without ornaments or with interesting graphics, it is worth highlighting it. For this purpose you can install spot lights, for example adjustable halogen lamps, which you can adjust to this place. The light will gently diffuse and emphasize the natural brick or paintings

Separation of zone

Thin glowing lines are a great solution in any home. This allows you to highlight a particular zone in the room, such as the dining room in the living room. You can use LED strips for this, which are incredibly aesthetic, flexible and easy to use. They work perfectly both on the ceiling and near the floor. Sometimes they also have a functional role, such as decorative lighting at night will lead the household to the bathroom or kitchen. This type of light is also worth thinking about when you have stairs. LED lights in an elegant frame matched to the style of the entire room will also work well there.

An interesting idea is also to illuminate a decorative wall, for example made of plasterboard in the area where the TV is installed . While watching, the additional glow provides a cozy atmosphere in the living room. Decorative lighting in the form of LEDs can also be used to illuminate furniture in the living room, such as shelves.

Decorative lighting in the form of glowing LED lines can have a cold or warm color. The first of them is suitable for bright interiors, Scandinavian, modern or decorated in traditional shades, white or black. On the other hand, warm color looks great with, for example, wooden furniture.

Decorative lighting under the ceiling

If you do not have traditional curtain rods, but a skirting board, a good solution is to illuminate it. You will use a special LED profile, which illuminates in a delicate way the curtains, as well as the windows. The light is diffused and is a perfect alternative to a night lamp or a standing lamp.

Illuminated ceiling not only for windows

Decorative lighting in the form of LEDs does not only look beautiful next to a wall with a window. It also looks nice in the false ceiling or plasterboard walls. Not too intense light promotes relaxation. It is good to get such LED strips, which can be adjusted in terms of intensity and color. To install LEDs in the ceiling, it is necessary to measure the room, or rather the place where there is to be decorative lighting. In addition, you also need to think about where the power supply will be.

Lower light

Single points of light can also be an excellent decoration of important places in the apartment. It is worth fixing them right at the bottom of the wall, at its junction with the floor or at the bottom in a shelf made in the wall. In this way, they will look like architectural lighting in the city. This type of decorative lighting can expose, for example, sculptures. cups or plants.

Decorative forms and shapes

Both on the ceiling and on the wall, decorative plafonds will work perfectly. These can have modern shapes, for example several overlapping circles or geometric shapes

LED lights, simple in their design, which generate light on the upper and lower part, are recently popular. Several such elements on the wall create decorative rhombuses, which look aesthetically pleasing and will distinguish your interior.

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