How to arrange a cozy sleeping area in a studio apartment?

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How to arrange a cozy sleeping area in a studio apartment?

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Very often in studios smaller than 30 m² there is no bedroom or living room – usually just a room with a kitchenette. But how to arrange it so that it is cozy and you don’t have a feeling that you are sleeping in the kitchen? We suggest!

Cramped, but your own… there are probably no better words to describe a studio apartment. However, there are a few ways to improve your comfort. Find out how you can create a cozy corner for sleeping and resting in a studio apartment with a kitchenette

Comfort for sleeping and resting

First of all, try to make your sleeping corner as comfortable as possible. The sleeping area should be at least subtly separated from the rest of the room and ideally, it should be associated only with sleep and rest – after all, you don’t want to sleep in the kitchen or in the office right? That is why it is not a good idea to make your bed a place for work or study or to create a bedroom corner too close to the kitchenette. So how to separate the bedroom corner from the rest of the apartment? You can achieve it by using different wall color or wallpaper than in the rest of the room. Shades of blue, grays, whites and shades associated with nature will provide tranquility. You can also cut off from the kitchen by using a room divider or beautiful screens, which will further add character to the interior

Choosing and positioning the bed

The basis of the bedroom is, of course, the bed. When choosing it for a small studio, pay attention first of all to its size. In this case, king size may not be the best solution. The most comfortable will be a folding couch, which will guarantee additional free space during the day, or a slightly smaller bed, which will be carefully measured and adjusted to the room. If you want the sleeping corner to be really comfortable and convenient, then the positioning of the bed is also important. For a healthy and pleasant sleep, you need not only silence and darkness, but also air. Therefore, beware of setting your bed right next to a heater because, most simply, you will be too stuffy. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the optimum temperature in a bedroom is around 17 ℃, so placing a bed near a window and sealing it at night is in turn a very good solution. Also, remember not to put the mattress on the edge of the mezzanine or set the bed with the headboard to a closet overflowing with books, as this can cause anxiety

Accessories and decorations

To emphasize the character of your sleeping area, don’t forget about accessories and decorations that will make it cozier. Remember about good quality bedding such as flannel bedding160x200, cotton bedding 160×200 or satin bedding160x200. It is a good idea to have a good quality bed linen and cotton sheets 160×200 or satin sheets 160×200. Additionally, choose decorations made of thick fabrics for your bed and its surroundings, for example fluffy blankets, plush bedspreads and thick curtains. Lighting is also a very important addition – remember that light plays a huge role in a small interior. In an intimate bedroom, the best and most effective choice will be multi-source lighting, which will allow you to create a unique atmosphere and optically enlarge the space.

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