How to decorate a guest room?

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How to decorate a guest room?

Comfortable, functional and practical – these three features should be met by any guest room. It’s worth suggesting hotel rooms here, for example, and plan an area for sleeping and resting, an area for storing clothes and other items, and an area for working. Below we suggest how best to decorate a guest room! Check it out!

Why decorate a guest room?

Owners of houses and larger apartments should definitely think about separating a guest room. This is a very convenient option when family comes to visit, when an extended evening with friends or when someone from far away visits. 

It can also be said that the guest room, in a way, fulfills the features of an apartment – we need to arrange it in such a way that everyone can sleep, rest or store their things. At the same time, it is not necessary to spend huge amounts of money on the arrangement. Basic furniture and a few accessories are needed to make our guests feel comfortable and safe.

Interestingly, on a daily basis, nothing prevents you from using this room, for example, for work, as a home office. It all depends on how many square meters of space we need.

What should be included in any guest room?

The arrangement of a guest room can be in any style. Among other things, the Scandinavian style, which is simple and functional, but at the same time cozy, works great. Below are the must-haves for the perfect guest room.

A place to sleep with bedside tables

The most important piece of furniture is a bed or sofa for sleeping. Here let’s take into account that it should be a fold-out one with a storage compartment. The extra space will be very useful for storing spare sets of bedding, towels and similar things. Ideally, the sleeping surface should be at least 120 centimeters, although the more, the more comfortable. Meanwhile, during the day, the sofa can be folded and used as a seating area. Don’t forget bedside tables, so that guests can put their phone, watch or book on them.

Fresh bedding and blankets

Since we are preparing a place to sleep, we must take care of a set of fresh bedding. Here there can be two smaller quilts or one larger one. It’s also a good idea to equip the guest room with a blanket, because you never know if someone will be colder, and in the middle of the night will not ask us for an extra covering.

Closet and dresser

Next we need a closet and a chest of drawers, that is, furniture for storing clothes, linen and personal belongings. We can separate only certain hangers, shelves and drawers for guests or give them the whole thing. 

Useful accessories

Finally, a few more words about accessories that will make our guests feel more comfortable in our home. Without a doubt, a mirror will be useful – mounted on the wing of the closet, on the wall or free-standing, as well as curtains or blinds in the windows. Plus a clock on the wall or even on the bedside table, and a lockable trash can. It’s also a good idea to provide bottled water so you don’t have to arrange walks to the kitchen.

How about you, how will you decorate your guest room?

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