On the wall or on the cabinet – where is the best place to mount the TV?

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On the wall or on the cabinet – where is the best place to mount the TV?

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Are you coming home after eight hours of hard work and all you feel like doing is turning on an episode of your favorite TV series? Or maybe you’ve been gardening or houseworking all afternoon and now you deserve a movie? You can’t achieve this without a TV. The question is, where do you actually place it?

No more neck pain

Of course, it’s great if your living room has room for an extra cabinet specifically for the TV. However, we often worry about other issues when arranging an interior. Maybe you prefer minimalism and simply another piece of furniture spoils the vision of your living room. Have you ever seen a TV set placed on a cupboard squeezed into a corner? Or maybe you had to apply such a solution at home? Unfortunately, insisting on a TV cabinet is still a common practice in Polish homes

It is not uncommon for all sorts of cabinets and shelves to be a valuable addition to your living room furn ishings. It is very important that you do not have to worry about the amount of money you are going to need to pay for it, and it is important that you do not have to worry about the amount of money you are going to need to pay for it. It is good to place such a cabinet opposite the sofa or armchairs where you usually sit watching TV. Otherwise, you end up constantly turning your head and hurting your neck

Embrace the solution

Thanks to holders on which you can mount your TV, you give it definite mobility. No more tugging on the TV or cabinet when Grandpa says: “Move it more towards me”. If you have limited space in your living room, all you really need is a piece of wall. The TV, when you’re not using it, can sit directly against it, and when in use you’ll angle it to where you’re sitting. TV mounts are an increasingly popular recent choice when it comes to mounting audiovisual equipment.

Wall mount

If the wall you want to place the TV on is strong enough, use a wall mount. You can find mounts in stores that can hold a device weighing up to seventy-five kilograms! The options are really many, and everyone will find one that will conveniently facilitate the functioning of the TV. Specialized stores offer, among other things:

  • models with an adjustable degree of inclination;
  • models with an option to change the distance from the wall;
  • models with a gas spring that provides the ability to adjust the position of the screen to individual preferences;
  • models with special mounts for cables, which allow to safely store cables and control the tangle of wires so irritating after all.

Ceiling bracket

Mounts that can be attached to the ceiling are usually used when we want to use a wall model, but the wall we have chosen is too weak to screw the mount to it. This often happens in case of walls made of plasterboard. It may also turn out that we simply do not have enough space on the wall – the ceiling is then the perfect solution! Choose a ceiling mount also when you want to mount a smaller TV. The advantage of this type of mount is that it offers greater adjustment – the TV set suspended on a ceiling mount can be rotated around the vertical axis and the angle of its inclination can also be changed

Desk mount

Desk mounts are rarely used in living rooms, more often in bedrooms or rooms for children or young people. However in this case we are talking about even smaller TV sets than in the case of ceiling mounts – their size should not be larger than 27 inches. Mounting such a top is extremely convenient and easy and, most importantly, does not cause any damage to the top. Thanks to such mounts, you will save a considerable amount of space on your desk, which can be used in other ways.

Aesthetics above all

What if you are not convinced by a holder sticking out of the wall or the ceiling? Let’s go back to the roots – TV cabinets are often the basic equipment of a living room. There are plenty of possibilities. From free-standing furniture to wall units. A TV cabinet can be a great addition to your living room interior. From wooden cabinets to glass tables, furniture makers are outdoing themselves with designs and colors. It’s up to you to decide what style you want to decorate your living room with and what will suit your living room. Choosing furniture is also great for those who aren’t fond of drilling into walls or ceilings, or who change their interior design frequently. There is certainly less fuss involved with rearranging a cabinet than unscrewing the handle and screwing it in a different place

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