The spa bathroom – an idea for perfect relaxation

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The spa bathroom – an idea for perfect relaxation

Relaxation at your fingertips! Create a spa in your bathroom that will fantastically soothe your senses and allow you to relax after a long day. Follow our tips!

Spa style in the bathroom

A spa is a place where we can find a moment of rest and relaxation. Both the body and the mind relax here. Spa salons offer a variety of care, cosmetic and therapeutic treatments. Nothing stands in the way of moving this climate to your interior, and more specifically to your … bathroom.

As you know, the bathroom is an important room, and in addition sometimes problematic because of its size. It often happens that on literally few square meters we have to fit a toilet, a washbasin, a bathtub or a shower and possibly a washing machine. All this, in addition to its practicality, must also look good.

Today we suggest how to create a unique atmosphere straight from the spa salons. It will appeal to people who like to relax in water, taking care of their skin, complexion and hair. In fact, you do not need much. Just a few elements are enough to make the effect delightful.

Bathroom in the style of spa – opt for bright colors and natural materials

It is also worth noting that a spa bathroom is the complete opposite of a raw design. Here it is cozy, soft and enveloping. Such an atmosphere can be achieved by neutral colors, full of beige, cream, gray, green or broken white and wood, which are as close to nature as possible. So there is no question of flashy colors, which certainly do not have a calming effect.

Natural (or at least imitating them) should also be materials – stone, such as marble, granite, sandstone, travertine, as well as concrete and the mentioned wood (especially exotic). Ideally will also be various types of mosaics, mirrors, glass.

You have to remember, that not only the colors of walls, but also accessories should be neutral – towels (folded on a shelf or hung on wooden hangers), fluffy bathrobes, bamboo pads, stone soap dishes, baskets etc. It will be difficult to maintain visual harmony, if we set rows of colorful cosmetics. These are best hidden in a cabinet or drawer. Accessories, in turn, should be kept to a minimum.

In a spa-style bathroom, you still can not miss plants – their greenery brings relief to tired eyes.

Set the right mood – lighting and fragrance

The next step is the right lighting – warm, subdued, non-irritating. Such discreet points, wall lamps, strips will allow you to effectively calm down. It is worth installing lighting with adjustable light intensity. Then you can choose them individually according to your preferences.

Also great are enveloping scents – essential oils, diffusers, aromatic candles, incense sticks. All this will enhance the unique mood. It is also good to take care of relaxing music.

However, if you have the space, you can set a chair, bench or chaise longue, where you can relax or perform various treatments.

If not sauna, then what kind of bath or shower?

Spa is undoubtedly associated with a sauna, which improves blood circulation, strengthens immunity and generally improves the condition and tone of our skin. Some people can afford it, even if it had to be really small in size. Others, however, can bet on pleasures of a different type.

You can choose a free-standing bathtub, a bathtub with a hydromassage (with cascading faucets resembling a waterfall and a profiled backrest and headrest) or a shower-massage set (equipped with water jets or even a steam sauna) and a rain shower. Some models are also equipped with chromotherapy, or light therapy – the right colors help to relax, stimulate and achieve a state of balance.

It is also worth noting that some beauty treatments are better done in the shower. These include peeling and depilation, as well as hair treatments such as washing or applying masks.

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