Mosaic in the bathroom – which one to choose and how to match?

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Mosaic in the bathroom – which one to choose and how to match?

Ceramic, glass, or maybe stone? On the floor, on the wall, in an alcove? We suggest how to best design a mosaic in the bathroom, so that the entire room looked impressive and stylish.

Mosaic in the bathroom gives a lot of possibilities

Bathroom is a place that must be primarily practical, but also can not forget about the aesthetics. We spend a relatively large amount of time here, so there should be a pleasant atmosphere. Arranging a bathroom requires good organization – often you need to accommodate many elements on literally a few square meters.

So if we do not have space for sophisticated decorations, let’s simply find another solution. In just a few moments we can change our interior, both in terms of flooring and walls. How? By arranging on them classic tiles or going a step further and deciding on … mosaic in the bathroom. These are small squares (usually) with a side counting from 1 to 5 centimeters, which are connected to each other, so there is no need for laborious gluing of each element.

Mosaic is very impressive, and at the same time versatile – suitable for both small and large bathrooms, gives an extremely wide range of design possibilities. In addition, mosaic in the bathroom can be used in rooms decorated in different styles – both modern and classic, glamorous or industrial. Each time will give an interesting effect.

Mosaic in the bathroom – where you can put it?

As we have already mentioned, mosaic can cover both the walls and the floor of the bathroom. In addition, it is also used to build a bathtub, underplaster system, shower tray wall, sink countertop, shelf for towels or toiletries, decorative trim, instead of decor or as a stylish mirror frame.

They are also perfect for places where there are curves, arches, columns or other unusual joints and surfaces.

With its help, you can easily separate zones in the bathroom or optically enlarge the interior (attention: make it smaller, too – especially if you cover all the walls with it, including the floor). If we have a small bathroom, then light color combinations (with a predominance of white) and mirrors will work best. You also need to be careful with intense shades and a lot of contrasts (especially many black and white elements), because after some time we can feel a bit overwhelmed by them.

Mosaic in the bathroom – types

Mosaic in the bathroom can be made of different materials. Each of them has slightly different properties. In the case of some you still need to take special care of them.

For example, glass mosaic can be glossy or matte, and even with glitter, mirror, in color or any pattern. Its advantages are that it looks very impressive, and at the same time does not soak – it is also used for lining swimming pools or fountains. Therefore, it will be suitable for decorating the bathtub (especially round), shower wall, lining the frame around the mirror or shelf, but not necessarily on the floor – due to the possibility of scratching. It is worth while laying a glass mosaic in the bathroom to take care of its proper lighting, to bring out all the charm and this unique spatial shape.

Another equally popular type is ceramic mosaic, which is often included in the set of tiles, which allows us to create a coherent arrangement. This type of mosaic in the bathroom is durable and easy to maintain, but it is characterized by greater water absorption, so from time to time needs a stronger scrubbing to get rid of dirt from every nook and cranny. It is worth laying it especially in the niches or on the shelves.

On the market you can also find a mosaic for the bathroom metal, wood, mother of pearl, and even semi-precious stones, but here you need to remember about proper impregnation and place of installation, away from the direct action of moisture – the wall of the shower tray automatically falls off.

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