Which leaf vacuum cleaner to buy? Everything you need to know

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Which leaf vacuum cleaner to buy? Everything you need to know

Garden vacuums and blowers can help with the tedious task of picking up fallen leaves. Many models combine a blower and vacuum function. They usually shred dry leaves and small twigs, making them ready for composting right away. Be sure not to pick up stones and twigs with them, or you could damage the unit.

Popular leaf collectors

Manufacturers offer both electric and petrol-driven leaf collectors. You can use them throughout the year. When choosing a specific model, consider your needs and expectations

Electric blowers are very popular. You can move them lightly and easily. They do not generate much noise, so they provide pleasant use. They do not require complicated maintenance. You do not have to think about refilling fuel and changing oil. If you are new to gardening, they will certainly appeal to you.

You can find both cordless blowers and corded models. They can usually also be used as handheld leaf vacuums. In the past, electric equipment was considered inferior to gas machines. Nowadays, the differences have been reduced to practically nothing.

When is it worth buying a petrol blower?

Diesel leaf blowers, or robust garden vacuum cleaners, continue to be very popular. They appeal to both beginners and experienced gardeners. They allow you to take perfect care of your lawn. Whether you want to remove leaves or grass clippings, these devices offer plenty of power as well as a long working time. They come with a generous fuel tank so you don’t have to take a break.

If you have a large garden, look out for petrol blowers. The proposed devices are powerful enough to deal with stubborn clumps of leaves. However, you need to take care of the gasoline engine to make them work reliably. They are not forgiving of improper maintenance or misuse. Safe storage, transportation and fueling can be a problem for many users. It’s also difficult to operate a diesel blower discreetly. It makes a lot of noise, and the smell of exhaust fumes coating your hair and clothes also carries over to neighboring properties. It’s usually heavier than an electric model; fortunately, you can throw it on your back.

Key benefits of leaf vacuum cleaners

You can also find professional leaf vacuumsat garden stores. They pick up almost anydebris they come across. Leaves, pine needles and grass clippings can be removed efficiently. Some models can even handle pinecones. Like blowers, garden vacs come in several versions so you can find the perfect match for the task at hand

Lightweight and easy to store, handheld leaf vacuums are usually equipped with a practical adjustment system. So you can switch from vacuum to blower mode or vice versa at any time. If you have a large garden or don’t want to carry the machine around, look for petrol models. However, you have to reckon with the fact that the proposed equipment is definitely noisier and more difficult to operate. It can usually mulch the collected debris into fine particles, allowing you to collect more leaves before you have to empty the bag.

To increase the versatility of your garden vacuum, consider purchasing a hose. It will make it easier to clean patios, porches and other small spaces. Its plus point is its very attractive price

What other equipment is useful in the garden?

By the way, it’s worth mentioning the lawn sweeper, which can be connected to the ride-on mower. With it you can enjoy a spotless garden without putting in a lot of effort. Top-of-the-line sweepers remove debris not only from your grass, but also from hard surfaces such as your driveway or garage floor. Choose the model that best suits your needs

If you have nuts and pinecones scattered all over your property, choose a pick-up vacuum. This is a sensational machine that allows you to quickly pick up chestnuts, acorns, nuts, and beeches. However, if you have a problem with the ubiquitous leaves, pine needles and grass clippings, opt for a sweeper.

Also look out for branch shredders. They’re perfect for seasonal gardening. They have a separate chute through which you can feed the branches

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