Advantages and disadvantages of living room in full sunlight

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Advantages and disadvantages of living room in full sunlight

The living room is a showcase of the entire house, so its arrangement should be done with great caution. It is in this room that household members relax and receive guests. How to arrange a living room in full sunlight? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such a solution?

Living room is an important place in the house

The living room, also called the guest room, is a strategic place in the whole house. It is where household members spend most of their time and receive guests, so it should be comfortably and elegantly decorated.

Sunny living room makes people staying there feel extremely comfortable, and that’s thanks to the sun, which has a positive impact on our mood. Therefore, it is not without reason that in the living room there is usually a terrace window, which additionally illuminates the room.

Sunny living room inspirations

Advantages and disadvantages of a sunny living room


  • is well-lit,
  • cosy,
  • puts the household in a good mood,
  • optically enlarges the interior,
  • no need to illuminate it strongly with artificial light,
  • can be decorated in any colors.


  • in summer it is very warm in it,
  • in winter it can be too cold,
  • if the neighbors are too close, they can look into the windows,

How to decorate a sunny living room?

A living room full of sunshine is a very cozy place, to which you should add warm lighting in color

  • yellow,
  • red,
  • orange.

These warm colors should dominate the accessories in the living room such as curtains or pillows. It is also worth choosing furniture made of light wood, which will not overwhelm the interior. Walls should be painted in natural colors, thanks to which accessories in intense colors will not overwhelm the interior.

A perfect background for warm sunny accessories will be:

  • walls in natural color,
  • light wooden furniture,
  • wicker accessories,
  • natural fabrics.

To make the sunny living room not too warm, you can cool it down a bit with green plants in decorative pots. Mood lights or candles can complete the arrangement

Small sunny living room?

Arrangement of small sunny living room is for many people quite a challenge, because how to fit all the furniture necessary in the living room on a small space? If the guest room is small in size, it is advisable to place only a few essential furniture such as:

  • sofa,
  • a table,
  • tV cabinet.

All furniture in such a room should be in subdued neutral colors, which can be enlivened with various additions, for example yellow pillows on the sofa and curtains in the same shade. In a small living room it is also worth to arrange a small dining space.

A living room of small area can be optically enlarged by means of:

  • bright color of the walls,
  • mirrors,
  • lighting,
  • lack of patterns.

Living room connected with kitchen

The combination of living room and kitchen is an interior hit for several years. In this case, it is worth to emphasize the sunlight in the living room with warm colors in the kitchen e.g. . A very interesting solution is a modern living room with a kitchen, where timeless brightening white reigns. As is known, white and wood illuminates the interior, optically enlarging it.

Decorating a sunny living room, it is worth emphasizing the natural lighting of the interior with appropriate furniture and accessories. Such a living room has a lot of advantages and is very cozy.

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