Home office – how to work from home and organize your space?

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Home office – how to work from home and organize your space?

Over the past few months, life has changed for many of us because of the coronavirus. We have found ourselves facing a new reality: the home office. While some have worked this way for many years, for others the situation has changed dramatically. There are new challenges, such as non-functional spaces and the stress of creating a daily routine. Check out how to organize a beautiful, practical, comfortable, yet inspiring office!

How to design a home office in the living room?

Not everyone has free space to organize a home office. If you belong to this group of people, you need to look for another solution. There are many creative and inspiring ways to develop a home office space. You can transform a corner or wall of your living room into a workspace. Ideally, the said corner should be close to a window. The natural light will not only inspire and motivate you, but it will also alleviate eye fatigue and eye pain from long hours of work.

Define your space

Wondering how to separate your office into another room? Think about adding simple elements such as rugs, pictures or a screen. This will help you identify your new space more easily. If you want to save some space, look for multifunctional furniture. In addition, take care of a comfortable armchair. A swivel model will work well here. Make sure you keep your elbows at a right angle. Remember to place the screen at eye level. This will help you avoid neck and back pain.

Keep your workspace tidy

A clean and tidy space has a positive effect on our productivity. Researchers at Princeton University studied the relationship between environment and distraction. They found that clutter can make it difficult to concentrate. So make sure your workspace is properly organized. Make sure you have the necessary items on hand.

Remember, a home office doesn’t have to be boring. Get creative by adding some color to the space. Think about furniture in a bold color. You can also paint the wall in an intense color. Hang a cork board over your desk so you can stick your to-do list on it

Think about a second monitor

A second monitor will increase your productivity. An extra screen makes it easier to multi-task, such as coding, designing, writing, or research. If you don’t like juggling browser windows, this solution will definitely appeal to you. Be sure to buy the same model. This will give you the same image quality

Remember your mouse and keyboard

The humble mouse and keyboard are often ignored when it comes to larger, more effective hardware. However, it’s worth noting that they play a key role in increasing productivity and user comfort. Try a mechanical keyboard, which has distinctive, clicky keys. While it may be noisier than standard models, it offers great typing comfort. Writers, copywriters, journalists and programmers will especially love it.

When it comes to the mouse, choose a larger model. Make sure it fits comfortably in your hand. Give up on small mice. They won’t work well for prolonged use.

Give your eyes a break

Remember to take regular breaks. This way you can rest your eyes and avoid headaches. Use the 20-20-20 rule here. Take your eyes off the screen every twenty minutes. Look at something twenty meters away. Don’t take your eyes off it for twenty seconds. We guarantee that your eyes will thank you for it!

Clean your desk

By cleaning your desk, you’ll find it easier to organize your work. Look at it for a moment and consider if it is covered with piles of papers, sticky notes and office supplies. Remove everything from it except your computer, printer, keyboard, mouse and phone. Vacuum the office thoroughly, then review every item that has been on it so far. Think about how often you use each item. Once a day? Once a week? Once a month? Or maybe never? If you don’t use an item at least once a week, put it aside. Put only the essentials on your desk and find another place for the rest.

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