How do you serve bread to the table?

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How do you serve bread to the table?

Are you hosting guests for a delicious dinner or Christmas breakfast? Wondering how to serve bread to the table so everyone can comfortably take a slice for themselves? Check out our quick guide!

How to store bread on the table?

If you’re serving bread at the table, place it in a wicker basket or other open, stylish container that is designed for food contact. Even if it’s not a formal dinner or holiday breakfast, decorate the cloth with a napkin. Ideally, it should match the decorations on the table. The napkin also has a very important role, namely, you will cover the bread with it so that it does not dry out during the meeting.

Bread as an important element of the dish

Remember that bread should be cut into slices and rolls should be served whole. If you want to serve challah, cut it on the bias. When bread is part of the main course, you can set the table in such a way that there is one smaller plate next to the classic one, along with a knife for spreading. Keeping a slice of bread directly on the main plate is also not out of the question.

If you have prepared the bread yourself and want to show it off to your guests, serve it on a wooden cutting board and prepare a suitable knife. Remember to sharpen it beforehand.

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