Curtains, drapes or blinds? How to best arrange the windows?

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Curtains, drapes or blinds? How to best arrange the windows?

With the arrival of autumn, we spend more and more time at home. Decorating the windows with curtains or blinds can change the look of the interior and give them a pleasant character.

Both curtains, drapes and blinds have their dedicated groups of lovers. In addition to their practical functions, they are also interesting decorations. Depending on the decor of the room and personal preferences, we can decide on a variety of patterns and colors. In this article we present ideas and inspirations that will help you choose the best option for your own home.

What to choose for the living room, kitchen and bedroom?

Window decoration, although often overlooked or pushed aside, is an extremely important part of the interior design. First of all, it is worth considering the room. In the kitchen, where a lot of work is done on dirty countertops, roller blinds or short curtains would definitely work better. Curtains could quickly get dirty and look unsightly. Short curtains are a good option, but they offer little privacy

In stores you can already find a variety of models sewn from lightweight fabrics or stylized in folk patterns. Most often, customers decide on roller blinds for the kitchen – they do not limit the surface of the countertop and let in the maximum amount of light during the day. At night they can be completely covered, while leaving the window un sealed for air flow. In the living room and bedroom, a combination of delicate long airy curtains and heavy curtains looks beautiful

During the day, curtains provide privacy while not restricting light. You can also experiment with a variety of fabrics to better accentuate the interior design. In the evening, you can completely cover your windows with decorative curtains made of thick material such as linen or velvet

Traditional or modern?

Usually curtains are treated as a traditional window decoration, but increasingly you can also find them in modern arrangements. It all depends on the choice of fabric – its thickness, pattern and color. Short curtains to half of the windows from natural materials such as linen or cotton beautifully complement the interior design in a rustic style. Some people decide on lace curtains, which remind us of the native folk art. With the right arrangement, they are an interesting point of break and give the interior a unique character

Roller blind s are a very versatile solution, often found in contemporary houses and apartments. They fit both to classic interiors as well as to Scandinavian, minimalist and very modern ones. Because of this versatility of application, they are currently the most popular option

They have very quickly gained popularity over the years and can be found in living rooms as well as kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. Roller blinds provide privacy during the day while allowing light in. The wide selection of fabrics from which roller blinds are sewn means that every discerning customer will find something suitable for themselves

Choosing curtains, drapes or roller blinds – what to pay attention to?

The first question that should be asked is what style we want to achieve in the interior. Window decor should be closely related to our taste and the rest of the arrangement of the apartment or house. You can also consider what colors we like and feel good in

Not everyone is fond of stimulating red or saturated orange. When looking for warm tones, you can then try looking for something more subdued such as a raspberry color, purple or a brick color. Such colors will help create a cozy atmosphere in your living room, bedroom or other room

Cool colors optically enlarge the space and bring calmness to it. When choosing roller blinds, remember to keep the balance between other elements of the room decor. Window decorations should not overpower and distract from furniture and other accessories. Roller blinds can also be composed with curtains. Both solutions complement each other perfectly, especially when they are made of coordinated fabrics, i.e. in the same color scheme

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