What should you know about halogen lighting?

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What should you know about halogen lighting?

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If you follow the latest trends in lighting, you know for sure that ecological and energy saving solutions are in vogue. For this reason many people choose eco-halogen lighting, arguing that it has better efficiency than traditional light bulbs. Read what you should know about halogen lighting.

The topic of lighting in the home is very important, especially in autumn and winter when it gets dark quickly outside the window. If you study a lot or work remotely, your office space may need to be illuminated. It’s worth taking the time to choose light bulbs that are functional, long-lasting and will make your work more comfortable. Halogen bulbs will be suitable for areas that require powerful and bright lighting.

Versatility of halogen bulbs applications

Halogen bulbs are gaining popularity and are chosen for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Before they arrived in our homes for good, they were often used in industrial spaces. Today, halogens are used to illuminate works of art or to display merchandise in a store.

Improved durability of halogen lamps

Most modern models of halogen bulbs have a longer lifespan than standard incandescent bulbs. The chemical elements contained in halogens from the halogen group allow for an extended lamp life. A great advantage of halogen bulbs is also the fact that they do not have to heat up and light up immediately after switching on. In addition, they are cheap to buy and energy efficient, so you can reduce your electricity bill. It is worth remembering that frequent switching of lights on and off does not reduce their lifespan. You can also dim halogen bulbs with a dimmer.

High quality light

Many people appreciate halogen bulbs because they produce a light that is pleasant to the eye and close to natural light. There are, for example, retro-style bulbs on the market that emit a warm and soft light. However, keep in mind that halogens are fragile and heat up intensively. A greasy residue left on a halogen lamp can shorten the life of the bulb, so it is advisable to put them in the lamp wearing gloves just in case.

Many arrangement possibilities

Thanks to the small dimensions of halogen bulbs, you can use them in different types of lighting fixtures. Besides, halogens are characterized by a variety of screws, which allows you to fit them into most lamps. You can find a wide selection of halogen lamps at speckable.pl

Types of halogen bulbs

Halogen bulbs come in the shape of a traditional bulb as well as in various decorative shapes, making them suitable for lamps with an open shade. When choosing a model for yourself, pay attention to the parameters such as, among others: power, number of lumens, bulb size, thread type and color of light. With regard to the construction of halogens, we distinguish: capsules for spot lighting, halogen with reflector for decorative lighting, linear halogen for projectors and lamps with reflector, models adapted to a typical network voltage of 230V without reflector and in the shape of a regular light bulb, as well as halogens designed for reduced voltage of 12V. It is worth paying attention to models with an additional feature in the form of a built-in fuse, which protects the bulb from exploding at the time of overvoltage of the electrical network in the apartment.

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