Amazing decorating ideas with pinecones!

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Amazing decorating ideas with pinecones!

From pinecones you can make a table decoration, a bauble for the Christmas tree, a wreath, a garland or a lantern. You don’t need much work or money. Willingness and a bit of creativity are enough.

Do you need to go to the store for decorations? No, just go for a walk!

What would a house be without decorations? Yes, you can’t do without a bed, a table, kitchen and bathroom furniture or cupboards, but if you don’t add all sorts of accessories, your interiors will look rough. There’s a reason why we lay a rug, put a vase of flowers, hang a mirror, photos, paintings and choose lots of other small things.

We also like to decorate the house according to the season or holidays. At Christmas time we have a Christmas tree, in spring fresh tulips, and in autumn – pumpkins. The latter come in different colors, shapes and sizes, introducing an amazing atmosphere. Other “natural” decorations look equally good. We are talking about colorful leaves, chestnuts and cones. It is them that allow you to create small miracles. They have a very graceful shape and you don’t have to spend money on them – just pick them up on your walk.

So use our pinecone decorating tips and enjoy an original decoration in your home.

An atmospheric table decoration

Cones are perfect for decorating your table – whether it’s a coffee table or a dining table – every day or on holidays.

For example, large cones arranged directly on the tablecloth or tray, accompanied by candles or spruce twigs, will look great on your Christmas table. You can also place one large pinecone on each guest’s plate, and tie smaller ones to the napkin.

There are also several ways to decorate the table with pinecones in glass. The first one is simply placing a few dozen pieces in a round but low dish or a casket. Here you do not even need additional decorations, although you may be tempted to add green twigs. The second option is a bit more decorative. In a large chalice or vase you should put pinecones and small lights (there shouldn’t be a problem with that, because many of them are battery operated, so you don’t have to worry about a protruding cable, which needs to be plugged in). The combination of the two gives a unique atmosphere and diffuses the light beautifully.

When it comes to the coffee table, for example, three large pinecones placed next to each other will suffice here – either directly or on a mirrored or silver tray, or on a “pillow” of conifer twigs. This decoration is simple and elegant, but it is in this simplicity that its strength lies.

A pinecone in a pot instead of a flower

The pinecone has a very interesting shape and you can use it in a completely unexpected way. You’ll need a pot – a tiny one, as for a cactus or succulent – and soil. Just stick the pinecone inside and that’s how you get an interesting decoration. If you like, you can also sprinkle it with artificial snow, glitter or attach small beads.

It’s also worth trying to make a whole tree out of pinecones, but it takes time. For this, in addition to lots of pinecones and a pot, you will need a styrofoam ball and hot glue. Once you have all that, glue the pinecones side by side so that the entire ball is covered. You can also add acorns or tiny baubles on occasion. If you want to hide the styrofoam white, which is conspicuous against the background of cones, you can cover the whole with gold or silver spray.

Wreath of pinecones

You can also use pinecones to make a decorative wreath to hang on your door, window, table, or dresser. You will need a frame (for example from thick wire, a wicker wheel or polystyrene), hot glue and pinecones and other decorations such as twigs, red hawthorn balls or baubles. Here there is complete freedom and you can let your imagination and fantasy run wild. The whole can be crowned with a beautiful bow.

We also recommend creating a garland of pinecones for the window, stairs or fireplace. You can use string, add little bows and leave everything natural or paint it white.

Take the paint in your hand and make a bauble

Finally, we suggest making baubles out of pinecones. Just hang them on thin strings on the branches of your Christmas tree. The pinecone baubles can be left completely natural or spray-painted in silver, gold, white or red. Such natural decorations will look very impressive.

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