How to remake a lamp shade from a lamp? 4 inspirations

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How to remake a lamp shade from a lamp? 4 inspirations

Consumer awareness is growing every year, so instead of throwing away old things, we prefer to remake them, giving them a second life. Such activities are supposed to reduce consumerism and unleash our creativity

You can use your artistic soul when transforming an old lampshade into a modern and original lamp. Making your own metamorphosis of the object is not only a great way to use your manual talents, but also a chance for an interesting change at a low cost. Check out how to change your old lampshade

Appropriate lighting is a very important element of every home. Climatic light can create an interesting and cosy character in the interior. Are you bored with your old lamp? Maybe it is the right time to refresh a bit the arrangement. All you need is a bit of free time, a few basic tools and some material to make a completely different lamp design. Let’s get to work!

4 ideas for handmade lampshade

Lamp in boho climate

Boho style is the embodiment of natural accents, unpretentious character and interesting solutions in interior design. How to make a lampshade for bedroom or living room of people with soul of free birds? A great way is to use a natural string, raffia, to decorate the lamp. It will give the project an original look, which fits with wicker furniture, plant pots or woven decorations on the walls, which are part of the boho style

Reef to the old lampshade can be glued with a special glue for decoupage. Such a lamp made by hand does not have to be perfectly straight and even. In ethno style, the original and unique character of objects is very desirable

Minimalist lampshade

Fashion for minimalism in the interior does not pass away for years. In this type of arrangement, each object should be practical and useful, this also applies to decorations and accessories. The lamp is to illuminate the room, and the lampshade put on it is to disperse the light in an interesting way, giving the interior a cozy character

How to make a minimalist lampshade that will work in a modern and stylish bedroom? It can be done with the help of very basic paper products. You can achieve an interesting effect when you glue paper strips or soft feathers to an old lamp. You can also paint the lampshade by dipping it in water with diluted dye. This will make the light gain warmer shades. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere in your room, you can paint the lamp shade red or pink

Lamp shade in glamour style

Also the lampshade in the elegant glamour style can be made by ourselves, but with this type of project we need to be very precise and accurate. For this purpose, it is worth buying decorative fabric, which will cover the bulb

We will need an old frame, to which we will mount the refreshed lampshade, and a plastic base, which should be previously unglued and get rid of the damaged fabric. Cut the new fabric into a rectangle to fit the template, then fold it into a cone and glue the joint together using hot glue. Then mount the lampshade on the frame. So prepared base can be decorated with crystals or silk ribbons.

Recycled lampshade

More and more fashionable are solutions in interior design, which use recycled materials. We can often meet with installations using used bottles or other second-hand materials. Old crates, shelves or furniture after appropriate renovation can also look neat and aesthetic. An interesting solution is to use plastic, transparent cups to create a futuristic lampshade. It is enough to stick a few dozen of cups together using hot glue, creating a huge ball. This is a very ingenious solution

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