Eco-friendly style beds

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Eco-friendly style beds

Year after year, public awareness of the need to protect the environment is growing. Eco-frendly style has taken the interior design industry by storm – it is the perfect solution for DIY enthusiasts. Beds in eco-friendly style can be made by yourself from recycled items

A few words about the eco-friendly style

Eco-friendly style is becoming increasingly popular because it increases people’s awareness of environmental protection. It promotes the choice of natural materials and encourages recycling

Furniture in the eco-friendly style is usually made of items that have a different purpose. To create interesting furniture in this style you need only a good idea and a little desire

Inspirations for eco-friendly style beds

DIY Eco-friendly style beds

More and more people appreciate the possibility to have DIY furniture. Nowadays, when you can get everything in the stores immediately, many people want to have something special and unique, preferably of their own design. Beds in eco-friendly style can be made independently from things lying around the house. The frame of such bed is unique and fully matched to the interior of our apartment

Bed from pallets

Pallets are the most popular material for recycled furniture. Not only beds, but also sofas or bookcases are made of them. The price of such a bed depends on whether you get the pallet for free (this applies only to ordinary pallets), or the pallet will be purchased at a euro pallet buyer. Such a bed is best suited to interiors in industrial and Scandinavian style.

Pallet furniture is one of the hottest trends in interior design. Making such a bed is trivially easy, and its color can be easily matched to the interior of the apartment

Bed from cabinets and drawers

Old low cabinets and drawers can be used to make a bed. If the bed will be made of drawers, then you need an additional frame, so that the entire structure of the bed will not be demolished when pulling out the drawers (unless the drawers are only to serve a decorative function). If you want the drawers to be able to store different things, then their number should be even – otherwise the bed frame can lose its grip.

Making a bed of cabinets and drawers, remember that they should be of equal size. It is worth putting a furniture board on them, which will make the bed more comfortable.

Bed made of pipes

Raw loft and industrial interiors for several years do not lose popularity. A bed for such an interior can be made of pipes. Frame made of metal pipes or combined, for example, with boards, or with furniture dicta perfectly fits into the eco-friendly trend. Well welded steel frame can serve for many years

Hanging bed

Hanging bed is a great option for brave people. Such bed is associated with luxury, which can be experienced in expensive resorts. It is usually made of pallets suspended on strings. Before making such a bed, it is necessary to check the bearing capacity of the ceiling, whether it can withstand such a weight.

Bed from an old frame

If you want your old bed to serve you is for a few years, then you just need to renovate it properly. This can be done in a similar way as stairs and doors. Renovating such a bed is not difficult, and it can become the beginning of a DIY passion.

Eco-friendly style beds can be made from any material, even plastic. A self-made bed emphasizes the style of the interior in which it is located.

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