6 fall decorations you can make yourself!

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6 fall decorations you can make yourself!

Fashionable decorations are able to diversify any interior. Ideally, home decorations should match the current season. In addition to the visual appeal, autumn decorations can also be very practical. Unfortunately, they are quite expensive, so the best solution is to make them yourself

Here are 6 decorations that you can easily make yourself

Leaf platter

To make this decoration, we do not need many items. All we need is

  • a balloon,
  • a tablespoon of oil,
  • leaves,
  • wikol glue, which is available in most stationery stores

To begin, inflate the balloon and paint a line on it with a marker that cuts it in half. It’ s important to do this for the size you want your platter to be, because that’s where you’ll be building your decoration. Next, lightly grease the balloon with oil so that our decoration will easily peel off once it dries. The next step is to either soak the leaves in glue or apply glue directly to the leaves. You will need to carefully cover half of the balloon with them. The more layers of leaves, the more stable our platter will be. Balloon draped with leaves should be placed in a dry and warm place for 12 hours

When the whole mass dries, puncture the balloon and detach it from the bowl. Such a decoration can be used, for example, as a platter for sweets.

Lanterns from cans

A great idea for the use of unnecessary cans of, for example, corn is to create lanterns from them

To prepare such a decoration you will need:

– tins,

– heaters,

– a bit of creativity

Depending on how you want the lanterns to look, you will also need paint, spray, glitter, glue, etc. You can also use a nail and hammer to make aesthetically pleasing patterns and holes through which the candle light will escape. You can attach metal handles to the lanterns and hang them e.g. on the terrace or balcony. Such decorations are much safer than the warmers themselves and will certainly fit into most interiors.

Rose bouquet of leaves

Autumn bouquet is a perfect idea for a tasteful table decoration. To make it you will need maple leaves, thin wires or sticks and a lot of creative skills. The very process of putting together a rose can be followed on many YouTube channels. There is shown exactly how to make this type of decoration step by step. Ready flowers should be gently put on wires or sticks, which can be additionally painted green. You can also spray roses with a strong hairspray or glitter spray, which will further extend the life of this decoration. Finally, it is best to put such a bouquet in a vase and enjoy its wonderful autumn appearance for a long time.

Autumn garland

A beautiful decoration that you can put on the table or hang on the wall or door is an autumn garland. To prepare it, you will need various autumn fruits, glue (preferably the hot kind) and possibly a styrofoam base for the garland. Leaves, acorns, chestnuts, pinecones, moss, etc. can be used for this decoration.

If you have a hot glue gun, you can make the garland directly by attaching the individual elements together. If you do not have such a gun, it is worth using a special styrofoam form, to which you can easily attach decorations

The finished garland will look beautifully, for example, on the front door or as a table decoration.

Cones in various guises

One of the simplest autumn decorations are pinecones. Pine cones look the prettiest and are also the easiest to decorate. To make such decoration you need only the already mentioned pinecones and here, depending on your ideas, you can use paint, spray or glitter. The cones will look very nice in silver or gold and sprinkled with different glitters. After decorating, it is best to spray them with a durable and strong hairspray, which prevents the glitter from falling off and prolongs the beautiful appearance of our decorations. Such cones can be used to build a wreath, make beautiful reeds from them and set them directly on the furniture.


A simple idea to introduce an autumn atmosphere is to make candlesticks yourself. All you need for this decoration is a used candle container, a jar or a glass and various autumn gifts of nature such as small pinecones, chestnuts or sticks. Such elements as cones and chestnuts best put on the bottom and on them heater. You can also stick sticks for example to a glass, which will create a beautiful, unique candle holder. Such decorations can be placed on the table, windowsill or furniture which, especially in the evenings, will warm up the interior of our home.

There are many methods and ideas for making autumn decorations. Everything depends on our creativity and available products. Making these types of decorations is a great way to creatively use your free time. Great fun can be served in this way to children. In addition, such decorations are very easy to store and they can easily decorate our home for many years.

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