White countertop for the kitchen – advantages and disadvantages of this solution

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White countertop for the kitchen – advantages and disadvantages of this solution

The choice of kitchen countertop affects the later use of the kitchen, but is also responsible for the decorative aspect. However, important is the practicality of the chosen product, its functionality, the type of material from which it is made, but also the color. Does a white countertop in the kitchen really work? Let’s take a look at its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages – chic and elegance

White countertop wonderfully fits into all arrangements, it is a classic choice, even universal, perfectly combines with both minimalist and modern style. For this reason, many customers decide on him. White countertop with kitchen furniture in this color will look really elegant, and with black will gain an unusual character. It can be easily matched with wood, stone and other accessories, so there is no problem with their selection.

The advantage of a small kitchen

White countertop and furniture will help optically enlarge a small kitchen, while dark only make it even smaller. The kitchen is the place where we prepare meals – white will emphasize the cleanliness and a certain sterility of this room. A bright kitchen is not overwhelming.

Advantage – timelessness

For years, kitchens are decorated in this color, there is no doubt that they are timeless and universal. Choosing a white countertop for the kitchen, we can be sure that the rapidly changing fashion will not make our decor look old and inappropriate. In addition, if after some time we want to change the arrangement of this interior, to a white countertop fits almost any vision, without having to replace all the elements of the kitchen.

Advantages – damage

On a light background, any scratches and other damage will be less visible than on a dark background, but cheaper countertops with less durability may not have this advantage. When choosing accessories in this shade, it is good to pay attention to their quality. Lacquered fronts look elegant, but they are easy to scratch.

Disadvantages – smooth textures

Also the texture of the countertop is important for its further use. Smooth surfaces will be more demanding, you can see any dirt, stains or scratches on them. Rough textures will be more suitable. It is also worth considering choosing a countertop in a “stained” shade, rather than classic white.

Disadvantages – cleaning

On the white countertop, along with other furniture in this shade, all the dirt is visible, so if we want to maintain the right tone of this room, we have to reckon with its almost constant cleaning. However, there is a way – it all depends on the choice of material. Countertop made of stone or conglomerate will be easier to keep clean, and also durable. Laminate, among other things, is less durable. It is also worth looking at the quality of the material and its finish before making a purchase.

Practicality of the choice

Unfortunately, there is no perfect recipe for the ideal countertop, each type of countertop has its strengths and weaknesses. It is worth knowing them before you decide on a particular product, so that later you can freely enjoy the use in the kitchen. White countertop does not have so many disadvantages to not put it in the kitchen, but much depends on the quality of the material from which it was made.

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