Home Remedies for Dry Air

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Home Remedies for Dry Air

The heating period means that the air in your home may be too dry. It does not allow you to breathe freely. However, you can quickly remedy this problem. Here are the most proven ways to dry air in your home.

  1. Frequent ventilation

During autumn and winter, when temperatures drop a lot, many people forget to ventilate rooms. This is very important – thanks to opening windows it is much easier to get fresher, but also less dry air.

It is worth ventilating your home in the morning when the air is a little cleaner and there is no smog. After you get out of bed, open the window for a while. This is also a good way to reduce the amount of dust mites in your home

You can also air out bedding, blankets, or pillows outdoors. The low temperatures kill most bacteria as well as dust mites. Opening windows also balances the humidity level inside the rooms and reduces the problem of dry air.

  1. Potted flowers

Flowers in pots can effectively humidify the air in a room. The exchange of carbon dioxide to oxygen also produces some moisture. They are a suitable solution for a bedroom or a child’s room.

  1. Hanging laundry in the room

This way of drying laundry is a necessity in small apartments. However, it can help to deal with dry air. The moisture from the laundry evaporates, which is ideal for the condition of the air in the room.

This is a great option when you notice dry nasal mucous membranes, for example. You can also hang some laundry on the radiator. However, you must not do this on electric radiators.

  1. Turn up the radiators

The optimum room humidity is between 40 and 60%. Temperatures above 24 degrees Celsius make you uncomfortable and cause the humidity in your home to drop. Turning up the radiator and leaving it on 3 or 4 degrees will automatically lower the room temperature but raise the humidity. It is a good idea to have a room thermometer to monitor the heat in the house.

  1. Ceramic humidifier

Many people choose cheap but extremely effective humidifiers made of ceramic. Add filtered water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a small container. You will definitely feel the difference in humidifying the air in your home.

  1. Electronic humidifier

It’s easy to overdo the humidification, which is why many people opt for an electronic humidifier. It has a humidistat that measures the percentage of humidity in the air. Thanks to it, the device knows when the humidity is appropriate and further humidification is unnecessary. Many models have not only a humidification function, but also a purification function, which is extremely beneficial.

Often, one unit will be sufficient for an entire apartment. This is because large air humidifiers have a capacity of 400 g/h, which allows you to humidify the air in an apartment of up to 60 m2

Such equipment is intuitive to use – it comes with a water container, an air filter and an LCD display, which shows information about the current air humidity or water level in the tank.

Do we have to buy an electronic humidifier?

Continuous humidification is not always a good idea. An electronic humidifier or constantly hanging damp laundry on radiators will not be necessary if:

  • you do not have a dry cough,
  • your windows often “sweat” – water droplets appear on them, especially after cooking on the stove or a long bath,
  • you breathe easily and freely in your home,
  • you do not have a recurring cough.

Continuous humidification of the air may even be harmful because moulds and fungi multiply faster in dampness. If we overdo it, mould can grow on tiles or window profiles.

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