Automatic or traditional dryer? Which works better?

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Automatic or traditional dryer? Which works better?

One of the least liked household chores is doing laundry. Many people really dislike the aftermath of pulling out the clothes, hanging them up on the dryer, and then ironing them

Of course, just setting up the washing machine is a fairly minor chore. It’s all about all the work done afterwards. Fortunately, we already have solutions that can help with household chores. Automatic dryers have been available on the market for many years and have a growing circle of devoted followers, although there are also people who do not want to give up the traditional version of the dryer

Advantages of an additional clothes dryer

Before making a purchase, it is advisable to think it over well and take into account the advantages and disadvantages of the device. However, there are certain situations in which an automatic dry er can definitely make your daily work easier. These include the following reasons:

  1. An automatic dryer comes in handy if you share an apartment with more people

Modern appliances that perform the functions of a washer-dryer are designed for people who want to wash their clothes quickly and efficiently. This may be the case for a large family with small children, where laundry is put in every day. It is also a situation that applies to an apartment with roommates – faster washing and drying will not block the device for other people. These types of appliances speed up the entire process and help maximize the use of available space. This is very important, especially for smaller apartments with a lot of tenants

  1. Definite time savings

Although this point is somewhat connected with the first one, however, it is worth expanding it. An automatic dryer or washer-dryer helps save time. Traditionally hung up laundry dries for a dozen or even several dozen hours. In an automatic device, this time is reduced to about 1 hour. This disproportion shows how much time can be saved by choosing a modern dryer. It is worth adding that it also means more space in the apartment – traditionally, in the living room, laundry room, bedroom or bathroom, drying laundry would stand for a day or two and block space. If the laundry is usually dried on the balcony, the automatic dryer also eliminates the problem of changeable weather. Whatever the weather conditions, the laundry dries much faster

  1. If you don’t like hanging out or ironing your clothes, an automatic dryer could be the perfect solution.

Modern washer-dryers and automatic dryers help cut down on time spent ironing. The advanced technology makes the clothes much more ironable after removal. This is thanks in part to steam generators. For pants, towels or sweaters, you often don’t need to iron them at all. This is another way to save time on tedious household chores.

How does the automatic dryer work?

Automatic dryers are becoming more and more popular, which is why their offer in ADG stores is constantly expanding. No wonder – they solve many problems, help optimize the time spent on household chores and save money. The automatic dryer does not require a water connection. This makes it easy to place in a closet

It also takes up less space than a traditional folding dryer. Automatic models measure approximately 60 (width) x 60 (depth) x 80 (height ) and can dry up to 9 kg of clothes at a time. Modern appliances also have programs for delicate fabrics, so you don’t have to worry about possibly damaging your clothes. What is important, after taking clothes out of the dryer they are smooth and almost ironed

Despite appearances, it is not a device that uses a lot of electricity. When choosing a dryer for your home, it’s worth noting the different types. A heat pump dryer works at lower temperatures, which makes it more energy efficient and has a positive effect on the quality of your clothes. Condensation models do not require external ventilation and rely on closed air circulation. This means that such a device only requires a connection to an outlet, it does not need to have a water drain, because the moisture condenses in the tank

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