Mural on the wall – be an artist in your home

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Mural on the wall – be an artist in your home

A mural on a wall has long been associated with grand designs on the outside of buildings. Nowadays, projects created inside are becoming more and more fashionable. We reveal more details below.

Advantages of a mural on the wall

The mural on the wall has been very popular in interior design for a few years at least. However, it originated from street art, which began to migrate from poor neighborhoods almost ”to the salons”. It is not uncommon today to see completely new and modern buildings, which the owner has decided to decorate with murals

Street art inspirations are no longer extravagant, but they still say something about the owner of such interior – they are certainly associated with creativity and unwillingness for standard solutions. This is a value in itself

A mural on the wall has at least a few more advantages, which are hard to pass by indifferently. Namely:

  • a mural will always remain a work of art – by deciding on it, you are showing artistic ambition,
  • it is also unique – it is a great chance to own something unique,
  • we can easily choose colors and style that will match virtually any interior we want to decorate,
  • deciding on a design that suits us, we can emphasize our own interests, passions, and even inspiring ideas.

If you are a Star Wars fan, you can decide on a mural with Han Solo, and if you have a weakness for Andy Warhol, you can decorate your wall with a free reference to a famous painting with Marilyn Monroe. As many people as many ideas. Each of them good.

What is worth remembering?

However,a mural on the wall at home can be made in reference to popular trends. When choosing a design, we need to pay attention to:

  • layout of the space,
  • the size of the room,
  • sun exposure,
  • the technique of making the artwork.

Unfortunately, not every motif will look good in a given space. The rule is quite simple: the bigger the mural is, the farther away it should be viewed. So it is better to resign from huge graphics in small rooms

The mural itself must also be chosen carefully as it will probably become the most impressive and eye-catching object in the interior. It is also necessary to prepare the substrate properly so that it is durable, does not crumble and the graphic can serve for years.

To order or to make it yourself?

Finally, a mural on the wall at home can be a purely artistic project, which will be made by a person talented in this direction. However, you might be tempted to go for a minimalist self-made design. Both ideas have advantages and disadvantages.

A mural on a wall done by the hand of an artist can be true art. If we don’t have such a passion, it shouldn’t be very difficult to find a proper professional: many people who create custom murals present their projects in social media. It is also the easiest place to get in touch with them, and then we can make an appointment regarding the project and the price. There is no denying that the price will be quite high – for a good quality mural made according to our imagination, we can pay from 100 to 400 PLN per m2, although it is difficult to give a reliable price range. It all depends on the artist’s experience, technique, design and complexity.

An alternative is a minimalistic mural on a wall at home, which will be easier to make on your own. It involves small graphic representations in the form of floral or geometric motifs – often children’s rooms are decorated in this way. Of course, a bit of talent is required here, but certainly less than in the case of paintings occupying the entire wall. There is one more advantage: we will feel like artists ourselves!

Ready-made stencil

A mural on the wall, especially if you are not very artistic, can also be made using a ready-made stencil. In online stores you can buy a ready-made pattern, which you can paint later. The number of patterns to choose from is not unlimited, so everyone will find something for himself. Of course, such a stencil can also be made. The Internet is a gold mine of ideas, where you can find not only inspirations for designing murals, but also many comments on their execution

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