What Makes English Bulldog Puppies Perfect Pet for Your Family?

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What Makes English Bulldog Puppies Perfect Pet for Your Family?

English bulldog puppies are popular pets with dog lovers, whether they’re experienced or not. Many people who have had good experiences with them now want to give one to their own family as a pet. And for those, who haven’t had any pet before but feel like having one now, these are the best choice. If you’re one of these people, you may want to know a lot of things about them before making the commitment to have this puppy as your new pet.


Basics of Owning Them


This puppy has been recognized as one of the most popular breeds in America. Their ownership can come with many rewards and commitments, but it is also a great deal of responsibility. They require extensive daily care and this combined with their health problems can be overwhelming to new owners and pets alike. Given below are five basics of owning them which will hopefully serve as a starting point in educating their future owners about the basic needs for keeping their beloved animal companion happy and healthy:


  • A California English Bulldog must have regular exercise and plenty of space to roam around. They enjoy long walks or jogging on the lead, taking them out for a run at the dog park, hiking through wilderness trails, or even just playing fetch in your own backyard; they also need some time inside without constant activity to rest. 
  • A Purebred English Bulldog may cost more upfront than other breeds; however, it is much less expensive over time because they have very low-maintenance grooming requirements.
  • Feeding them may take some time because they have sensitive stomachs and require high-quality food with specific nutritional value; however, when fed correctly, they require little maintenance after mealtime.
  • Their lifespan is 7-8 years old; however, there are several health issues to consider before committing to their ownership. They are prone to breathing difficulties, skin infections, and diseases such as hip dysplasia and canine hip arthritis which often make them unable to participate in several activities like running and jumping.
  • Their short coat sheds year round so proper brushing is necessary to avoid excessive hair build-up; and if you plan on having them, it’s important to know that their shedding does slow down significantly after the first year.


How To Train Them?

Training these puppies can take some patience, but with these tips, you should be on your way to living a life that is free of ear-biting and slobbering.


  • The key to training these is consistency and repetition. You want to enforce the same rules each time they break them. 
  • When you catch them doing something wrong, correct them immediately; also give them a reward when they do something right.
  • Always stay calm and use a firm voice when training them as this will also help keep your pup in line.


Finally, make sure that while you are trying to train your dog, they are not bored as it could lead to destructive behavior.


Overall, an English Bulldog is a fantastic breed with many loyal and devoted owners. They are wonderful companions, patient with children, and always have big smiles on their faces. They provide non-stop companionship and love to their owners while being extremely friendly to strangers. These dogs are always ready to snuggle up in bed or cuddle on the couch so that you can enjoy their company whenever you need it.

Though these dogs may take a little more upkeep than some other breeds, it’s worth it because of how much love they can give in return. There are plenty of English Bulldog breeders out there who will be happy to answer any questions you might have about this dog’s personality, temperament, or what kind of care they need. So, if you’re looking for a furry friend who will fill your life with joy and happiness, then look no further than an English Bulldog!

Main photo: Sven Lachmann/pixabay.com


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