5 things to keep in mind when decorating your attic!

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5 things to keep in mind when decorating your attic!

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The space under the roof offers considerable arrangement possibilities. However, when decorating the attic we must take into account the specific features of the interior, which require thoughtful solutions, for example in the matter of thermal insulation or lighting. Check our tips!

1. The impression of space

Attic constructions can be tricky and may hinder the impression of spaciousness, especially when they are low and have a lot of bevels. How to deal with them?

First of all, choose bright colors, do not divide the space with too many walls, opt for simple forms and illuminate the interior well

2. Light

Natural light in the attic can be provided by windows in gable walls, roof windows and dormers. Unfortunately, the space under the haunches is usually shaded, regardless of the number and size of roof windows. Therefore you should plan well for overhead lighting and additional lamps. On the other hand, too much daylight in the morning can be a nuisance. It is necessary to shade your roof windows with internal or external blinds to allow you to sleep longer. Roller blinds also help to avoid excessive heat gain from the sun during the day.

3. Bevel development

Bevels give a unique character to the interior, but let’s not deceive ourselves – they are not very practical.

The lower the loft, the more difficult it will be to functionally manage its space. The solution will be modular furniture or made to measure, which we can adjust to the shape of the room. Under the bevels you can plan cabinets and shelves, and in deeper recesses a closet or a utility room. The bed should be placed in the highest possible place.

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4. Taking advantage of the interior’s strengths

While creating an arrangement of the attic it is worth to use its advantages resulting from the construction. It may be exposing the roof tr usses. It is enough to paint the beams with wood paint in a natural shade, which will make them stand out against the walls and choose furniture in a similar color scheme.

Dormers, i.e. superstructures on the roof in which windows are vertically embedded, also give attics a unique atmosphere. A dormer can be an interesting idea for highlighting the place of rest

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5. Effective thermal insulation

When decorating the atticit is worth taking care of proper thermal insulation. Otherwise, in the summer the heat will make us feel uncomfortable and in the winter – cold, with considerable heat losses and huge heating bills. This is where two most popular technologies come in handy: pur foam and mineral wool

– The pur foam has the advantage of effective insulation not only in winter but also in summer,” said Dawid Sibilak, Development Director at Asteco, a supplier of new generation foams. – It protects our house from heat and at the same time allows us to save on air conditioning. Therefore, effective insulation is not only a gift for us, but also for the environment. The less electricity we use, the smaller carbon footprint we create for our planet.
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