Column fan – advantages and disadvantages

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Column fan – advantages and disadvantages

Summer is getting hotter every year. This is inseparably connected with the warming of the climate. Currently, when Poland is hit by a heat wave and thermometers indicate more than 30 degrees above zero, it is difficult to stay indoors using traditional methods, such as closing blinds or opening windows. At such times we reach for more radical ways, namely air conditioning and fans, including column fans.

Advantages of column fans

First of all, they are much nicer than traditional fans. Their designer shape satisfies, but also allows them to blend in with modern interior designs. Secondly, they are much more efficient. Their rotation range is often 180 degrees. New models of column fansare often equipped with modern features, such as, for example, ionization option, more work modes or automatic control of the blowing force. In addition, they are controlled by remote control and have LCD screens. One of their advantages is also even made for cooling smaller spaces, since they do not take up much space

Disadvantages of column fans

Their main disadvantage, unfortunately, is the relatively high price, much higher than traditional fans. Some models are not very stable, so there is a risk of knocking them over and damaging them. In addition, these devices often have a very short power cord, which can allow it to be connected comfortably and discreetly and force us to use unsightly extension cords

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