5 facts and myths about air conditioning

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5 facts and myths about air conditioning

Are you thinking about installing air conditioning and looking for reliable information about it? Unfortunately, there are many myths that have little to do with reality. The best way to deal with them once and for all, read the text and make a decision based on real information!

Air conditioning can be cheap – fact

According to popular stereotypes, air conditioning is a very expensive expense that only the wealthiest can afford. Meanwhile, the development of technology and growing popularity of this type of equipment makes the purchase of air conditioning is an expense for every pocket. A wide range of models tailored to different needs guarantees finding equipment of preferred efficiency and power. Regular use of air conditioning does not have to be expensive either. Just use the unit properly and responsibly, preferably with the manufacturer’s recommendations for the specific unit. To order the installation of efficient and failure-free air conditioning in Gdynia, we recommend getting acquainted with the offer available at https://nowak-klima.pl/klimatyzacja/gdynia/.

Air conditioning is bad for your health – myth

This myth was created by the negligence committed when using air conditioning. Lack of regular maintenance and neglect of the equipment caused the ducts and filters to become dirty and fungus over time, which could have a negative impact on the health of your home. However, air conditioning itself does not cause any illnesses. It is enough to make regular checks of the mechanisms and systematically clean the instrumentation to be sure of its safe operation. Moreover, it is confirmed that thanks to air conditioning the body can gain. This happens, for example, during hot nights, when the temperature lowered to an appropriate level allows for effective regeneration during sleep.

Air conditioning is good for allergy sufferers – a fact

How can air conditioning help an allergy sufferer, since it is responsible for lowering indoor temperatures? Well, it can and in a simple way – just use a device equipped with innovative technologies. We are talking about special filters that are responsible for capturing pollen, dust particles and other allergenic factors from the air. The air conditioning with such a system is an ideal solution for people struggling with allergies, thanks to which they can resign from problematic ventilating of rooms.

Air conditioning is an easy way to catch cold – myth

Opponents of air conditioning use this myth very often, arguing that a constant flow of cold air is a simple recipe for infection. Experts, however, deny and emphasize that properly used and regularly serviced air conditioning does not cause a cold. This myth is therefore only the result of observations of people who irresponsibly managed the temperature, lowering it to values exceeding the recommendations of manufacturers. In addition, air conditioning equipped with filters reduces the risk of catching infections, because it eliminates microorganisms.

Air conditioning is a source of noise – myth

If you decide not to buy an air conditioner because you are afraid of the noise that the equipment will emit, you no longer have anything to worry about. A customized air conditioner for your home is a very modern piece of equipment that is designed with the comfort of your home in mind. When choosing an air conditioner, simply check how loud the model works or ask for advice. Nowadays, you can easily buy innovative variants even for bedrooms that allow for quality sleep and rest, such as in partnership with https://nowak-klima.pl/.

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